Wine Tourism in East Africa

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Wine tourism in East Africa has long been overshadowed by the popular touristic destinations that feature on the postcards and fridge magnets.

These are usually the towering cliffs of Mountains Kilimanjaro, Kenya, and Karisimbi, the dense forests as well as the Big 5 not forgetting the long, pristine beaches on the shores of Indian Ocean.

Together with cultural visits to indigenous villages, coffee and tea farm visits also enjoy their fair share of the foreign currency but not wine tourism in East Africa.

Why Wine Tourism in East Africa

Historically, East Africa was a producer of a variety of fruit wines such as banana, mango, and pineapple wine. The missionaries introduced vineyards and consequently, grape wine.

Surprisingly, Tanzania is the second largest producer in Sub-Saharan Africa after South Africa. In Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, the vineyards have been in existent for more than 3 decades. These however have solely to produce Altar wine.

Nevertheless, with increasing wine consumption in EAC, the once small vineyards have been expanded. VineyardS in the region can be up to 40 acres to meet the market demands. With 400-500 grape trees an acre, you’ll have plenty of notes to take as well as a great variety of wines to sample from.

Best Vineyards for Wine Tourism in East Africa

The best place to become a wine connoisseur is of course at the vineyard. Since wine grapes differ from table grapes, they do best in hot, dry climate.

  • Uganda: explore vineyards at Mbarara where red wine, both sweet and dry, is produced.
  • Kenya: the land most famous for khat, Meru, and the flower farms of Naivasha, are increasingly becoming synonymous with vineyards.
  • Tanzania: visit Dodoma region, the country’s political capital is also the centre of wine production.

Popular Wines in East Africa Community

The most common Wines in EAC are:

  • Sweet white wines made from bananas or pineapples are the most drank in Rwanda and Uganda during cultural festivities.
  • Red dry wines that are paired with red meats and firm cheeses
  • Sweet red wines that go together with white meats and Asian Cuisine
  • White dry wine goes well with seafood, dishes with cream and medium-firm cheeses.

You can now order online wines that have been locally produced  within East Africa on Jumia Food’s website or the App  available for Android and Apple devices.



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