How to Travel Light Over Christmas

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Travelling light is an oxymoron for many voyagers during the Christmas Holidays. Many a bag are packed to the breaking point yet more than half of the items can be easily replaced or will simply go unused during the entire vacation. Why should your luggage cost more than the price of the ticket?

The following pointers will help you save on fuel consumption as well as the energy of dragging your bags around to the hotel room. The 5 Vs of having a small vacation bag.

1.      Volume

Brown or black shoes? You only need a pair of neutral shoes and you won’t have to pack matching colours. Also put in your bag what’s best suitable for your destination. Avoid heels for the ladies and Brogues for the gents no matter how glamourous you look.

2.      Valuables

Smartphone or tablet? You only need one gadget to stay online and socially connected. Best to carry your cheap jewellery and watches that you wouldn’t mind losing should your luggage get lost or your hotel room robbed.

3.      Variables

Sweater or coat? You only need to find out the weather of your destination. Pack a tee-shirt for each day you’ll be away and 2 trousers/shorts that are neutral in colour.

4.      Vanities

Lip gloss or lipstick? Makeup box that is bigger than a First Aid Kit or the tool box is best left at home. You’ll be swimming often or walking with guides so pack sunscreen and moisturizer and you’re good to go. Also, most hotels offer toiletries and slippers. However, if you’ll be camping, grab them at destination to avoid being held up at the airport’s security check.

5.       Vexations

Passport or National ID card? Travelling light is also about a light state of mind. Once you pre-book for your hotel room and the organized tours, you don’t have to carry too much cash. Also empty your wallet of the unnecessary business cards, credit cards and not forgetting the many IDs dating back to your college days (unless you will need it to get student rates).

Hope you don’t have to sit on your suitcase to close the zip.

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