Ramadhan Delicacies You Should Try

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Ramadhan is here again! For the Muslims, Ramadhan is a time to observe piety for the purposes of culturing patience, modesty and spirituality. For the rest of the foodie community, its a time indulge in those special Ramadhan delicacies! 

Here are common Ramadhan delicacies in East Africa that you should absolutely try!

  1. Maru’s Bhajia

If you are living in Nairobi and you haven’t tried out Maru’s bhajia, Ramadhan would be the perfect time to try them out. These crispy bhajia’s have been titled the ‘Best bhajia’s in the world!‘ by many. The setting at Diamond Plaza in Parklands is favorable for sharing iftar as a family. The lobg tables there allow you to bring everyone along, as is Ramadhan customs. Enjoy your Maru’s Bhajia with chicken tikka for best results. 

The world famous Maru's Bhajia.

The world famous Maru’s Bhajia.

  1. Mbaazi na Mahamri

Mbaazi na Mahamri is a favorite saboor meal along the Indian Ocean coastline. This combination of pigeon peas and mahamri fuses flavors for an out of the world taste. Mbaazi na Mahamri is a common pre dawn meal during Ramadhan, because it’s healthy and pretty filling. Mbaazi and Mahamri is sure to provide enough energy during the long hours of fasting. Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town, Zanzibar is an assured spot where one cathn find this delicacy.

  1. Biryani

Oroginally from South Asia, Biryani has grow to become a popular Friday meal to most Coasterians! In addition, it has become one the best Ramadhan delicacies. Biryani stew can either be chicken, lamb or beef, provided the meats are halal. Serve biryani with your choice of fresh juice. 

Biryani: One of the most famous Ramadhan delicacies, mostly cooked on Fridays

Biryani: One of the most famous Ramadhan delicacies, mostly cooked on Fridays.

  1. Dates

Dates are a regular at the iftar tables. They are mostly used to break fast. The high sugar and vitamin content in the dates provide a quick fix in terms of energy. It is said that Prophet Mohammed himself broke his fast by eating dates. Combine it it with milk and you have the perfect starter.

  1. Doro Wett

Doro Wett is an iconic Ethiopian dish and one of the most popular Ramadhan delicacies in the country. It is characterised by a flavorful chicken stew with tender meat and spicy eggs. Doro Wat is served with Ethiopia’s signature bread, injera. Visit the Chane Restaurant in Kazanchis fo the best Doro Wat in Ethiopia. 

Doro Wat, served with the signature Ethiopian bread, injera.

Doro Wat, served with the signature Ethiopian bread, injera.


Try out these dishes and tell us what you think.

Ramadhan Kareem from Jumia Travel.


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