“Pakistan Is My Home. Pakistan Means Opportunity” – Dr. Zsuzsanna, A Hungarian Lady

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Despite having a bad perception globally, there are plenty of foreigners who have visited Pakistan and found it a great place. Interestingly some found Pakistan so awesome that they settled down in Pakistan.

One such personality is of Dr. Zsuzsanna who is settled in Pakistan. Jovago Pakistan got the opportunity to interview her about her experiences and a lot more.

Read the interview below.

Our first question is who is Dr. Zsuzsanna? Tell us a little detail about yourself?

Hello Jovago readers, thank you for the opportunity to talk about one of my favorite subjects beside health and mind; Pakistan!

My name is Dr Zsu, a life-long student to become good human being. Have done extensive studying and accumulated wide international experience to become a Performance coach, Motivational speaker, a change maker. I am health care professional in Alternative Medicine, and working in using mobile technology for educating the masses.

What was the primary reason to visit Pakistan?

The primary reason to visit Pakistan was the invitation by Rehan Allahwala in 2010 December, to work with him and his company as a corporate coach.

Jovago Pakistan

During my first 3 weeks trip for corporate sessions, Rehan Allahwala made sure to introduce me everyone and anyone, to make sure that I come back.

After the 3rd day in Pakistan, I realized that this is the land of opportunity.  Anywhere I looked, I saw a business idea, and service to be delivered for helping the country to grow. So I was coming and going for 1 year, then I decided to stay.

What was your perception about Pakistan before your trip?

I had no idea about Pakistan, except the media portrayed (which was all negative). So, I have never thought about coming to Pakistan. There was simply no desirable reason to come.

Jovago Pakistan

However, when I saw the picture of the Northern areas, the beautiful green mountain, I thought this looks like the Alpes in Switzerland. I said to myself, I am interested now, as I likely don’t know something, what I should know, and I should go see it with my own eyes.

How will you describe your trip to Pakistan in three words?

I have been living in Pakistan for 5.5 years now. So this is not a trip anymore as it concerns me. Pakistan is my home. Pakistan means opportunity.

Pakistan The Land Of Opportunities

What makes Pakistan different from your home country Hungary? 

Even though I have not been living in Hungary for 24 years and I have been living in America, Malaysia and bit of Australia, I can confidently say, Pakistan is different because of the people.

I have never felt more appreciated for the work I do, and felt the warmth hospitality from every single person. Pakistan in some ways are behind the West, however, it’s also advantage for example, you can see in the West where is the bad eating habits lead to, eating fast food and drinking cold drinks.

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Pakistan can change it now and not to get to further in obesity and degenerative diseases if they would take care.

Secondly, Pakistan has very inexpensive and available internet and mobile phone service. This means, that smart Pakistani youth can work from home – online without moving out of the country. This means education to be extended, as there is no longer barrier of moving to another country and paying heavy fees. Many free quality education universities are available now.

How many Pakistani cities you have visited so far?

I live in Karachi, and been many times to Lahore, Islamabad and Sialkot. I have also visited Multan, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Dharki, Murree, Bahawalpur and Gujrat University in Gujrat.

Jovago Pakistan

How do you found the people of Karachi?

I stayed in Pakistan because of the people.

That should simple tell you how great they are. Very warm, hospitable, very respectful and appreciative.

They simply  appreciate the fact that I chose to live there and help the country, and spread the word internationally about the soft image of Pakistan online and now in our exclusive Discover Pakistan magazine—as not many people have done this.

Dharki Jovago Pakistan

The people in Karachi are more switched on in terms of Business, however let me now include Sialkot as well.

People in Karachi are ready to do things and lie faster in pace, compared to Lahore and Islamabad.

Karachi Jovago Pakistan

How is Karachi different for you than any other metro city of the world?

To me, Karachi is one huge country, it’s not a city. 22 Million People in Karachi make it more than twice the size of Hungary.

I am sure it’s a huge challenge to look after things in the city; however, I see tremendous real estate development in the last 2 years. There is a lot of possibilities in Karachi to grow and make this growth sustainable. This is in regards to the building construction industry.

It’s a port city, and the weather is always breezy, and always sunny, which I love. The saltier air near the coastline requires special building construction to make building sustainable and weather proof.

Seaview Karachi Jovago Pakistan

What 3 destinations you would like to explore in Pakistan?

I love the beaches, so obviously I like to see more of that in Baluchistan, I like to see Swat Valley one day and Gilgit, Chitral. I hear so much about these.

Pakistan Northern Areas - Jovago

Other than language barriers, what were some of the problems you faced in Pakistan as a foreigner while settling down?

Well, I don’t consider language as barrier, as everyone knows English. And I picked up small user-friendly Urdu to get by. As far as I heard, in Northern areas everyone speak English fluently.

Jovago Pakistan

What will be your answer if anyone asks you, “Why Should I visit Pakistan?”

Why should you visit Pakistan, to undo the myths, and to feel the hospitality on your own skin.

Beside the wonderful nature and mountains like K2, explore the beaches; go fishing, shops on the wonderful markets for textiles and handy craft. Shall enjoy Pakistani Barbeque food and fruits. I found the best fruits available in the whole world here.

Fruits of Pakistan - Jovago

We have counted 17 different fruits, which grows seasonally in rotation. And best is to spend time with the locals for tea. Best to stay with a family in house over hotels however, the first time you may choose hotels, however, one must make friends and let them be invited to their home.

Jovago Pakistan

You must have researched on Pakistan before visiting. What is different in the real Pakistan?

Besides looking up the Northern areas, I have not researched at all. I trusted Rehan, as he said,   “Do you think I would live there with my family if that was so bad?” He made a good point.

I listened to Rehan as he said, have an open mind. So this is what I tell everyone, Have an open mind, and be brave, live in the present moment. Stop interpreting things. Pakistan will surprise you, just like it surprised me.


We have “Voice Pakistan from the Foreigner’s Eye” FB page (www.facebook.com/VoicePakistan), where I started to share my experiences about Pakistan, 5 years ago.

I am a foreigner and I show Pakistan through my eyes, and this is for other foreigners. A foreigner is looking forward more to another foreigner’s experience not from locals.

How was your experience of starting Yoga classes in Karachi considering majority of Pakistanis aren’t health conscious?

I love the beach. And I love running on the beach. Due to security reasons I could only go if I had someone with me. So I made a FB group and started WTT – Walk the Talk with Dr Zsu.

I invited people to join me on the beach to walk and exercise. And surprisingly 3 people showed up. This was 5 years ago. Since then we had many hundreds of people and if we include special events, past 1000 people exercising with us.

Yoga In Karachi - Jovago

I started this for my own sake, and I knew I can be on the beach safely if I teach and give back to the people.

The other reason was that I work in bringing Sport and Physical Education in the country. Being visible on the beach publically will increase the number of people exercising on the beach, which is amazingly happening.

Jovago Pakistan

My third and most important reason was to give at least 5 min experience to anyone even stand-by person watching us and invited to exercise with us. This 5 min will help them understand how great exercise can make them feel and what they should follow regularly at home.

Giving small reference experience goes a long way for health.

With the help of my right hand Muntazir Mahdi, who is one of the first WTT members.

We  have organized Sand castle competitions 4 years  in an arrow, and had many beach cleaning activity there as well. Muntazir’s company Lets Build On (LBoN) is the publisher of Discover Pakistan magazine and he also actively manages the Voice Pakistan from Foreigner’s eye Fb page.

Muntazir Mahdi - Pakistan

I am happy to share here with you all, a video on the completion of 5 years of WTT


Out of the different types of cuisines you had in Pakistan, which one was your favorite?

I am mostly vegetarian, but I eat chicken and fish also. I enjoy all vegetable dishes, especially Dhal, if it’s made with less oil. I enjoy chicken and fish tikka, and the Lahore fish, so as the grilled or baked fish.

Cuisine of Pakistan

Share one of your most memorable moment or incident in/about Pakistan.

There are many many experiences, and if I chose one then others will say how come I didn’t include them as well.

Pakistan is a gift for me. It came to my life as a miracle. WTT and making friends with extraordinary people is my favorite, followed by my university leadership courses where I have a chance to help the mindset shift for the youngsters to become the Entrepreneur of their lives. Building Mobile

WTT and making friends with extraordinary people is my favorite, followed by my university leadership courses where I have a chance to help the mindset shift for the youngsters to become the Entrepreneur of their lives. Building Mobile phone-based education with Rehan is another significant work.

Building Mobile phone-based education with Rehan is another significant work.

Jovago Pakistan

Any ending note for readers?

I am incredible grateful to live in Pakistan. Whatever this was predesigned or predestined, I am purely and eternally grateful to able to grow as a human being, and learn what is true unconditional love.

The love which is one way giving and no expectation. Working with people who have nothing to give you but their smile and welcome feeling. And hence you realize this is the essence of life. If we learn to do this, the world will change.


Jovago Pakistan

So I encourage everyone to start sinking into themselves and learn acceptance and gratitude and then you will see, why you want to take care of your health, you want to eat healthy, you want to exercise, you want to reach out and help those who are need of it. If you can feel abundance just the way you breathe everything else in this life is a bonus.

Finally with this ending note Jovago Pakistan’s interview came to an end.

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    August 2, 2016 at 9:29 am

    thank you for kind words. stay safe and healthy

  2. Tanveer Qamar

    August 2, 2016 at 11:23 am

    I from my for fathers Pakistani sfter marriage came here …30 years ago .But never forgot my land and its appertunities for me . for bussiness , social work etc Ur work about it wonderfull . Keep it up , the only way to permote any place . I do not know why Overseas Pakistani quite . I am from Bonn , if u need any moral support then will try my best .

    I wish all the best nice day.
    Tanveer Qamar

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