Meet Kristen One Of The Most Multi-talented Female Travel Blogger

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Jovago Pakistan recently interviewed Kristen, a multi-talented traveler. She also contributed to Jovago’s roundup post “Amazing Destinations Which Are Perfect For Women Traveling Alone“.   

Let us start with a formal introduction. Who is Kristen?

I am a creator, artist, personality, blogger, vlogger and influencer. I run the very successful brand called Hopscotch the Globe that inspires and teaches people to travel the world. My blog has won multiple awards over the years and I have one of the top travel YouTube channels in the world.

Jovago Pakistan

How and when you developed interest for traveling?

My passion for travel started during an exchange program I did in highschool. I spent 4 months living in Paraguay with a host family, studying Spanish and teaching children.

Jovago Pakistan

How you plan and manage your finances for traveling?

I priorities. For me, travel is a high priority, so that has meant that I’ve had to make sacrifices in order to travel. That meant not eating at restaurants as often, or staying to watch a movie instead of going out. Whatever it is that you can cut out of your life in order to save more, do it if travel is something you really want. Today, travel is not just my passion, but it is my career and my lifestyle, so I get to do it full-time and make a living from it.

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What is that triggers you to travel to an entirely new destination?

The unknown. I love culture shock.

While visiting a new destination what two things your love to explore the most?

Off the beaten path places like small villages any type of jungle or rainforest.

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How do you plan your destinations?

Most of the time spontaneously. I also always have a top 3 places I wanted to explore, and try to get to all of them in a year, each year.

Do you have any funny travel stories?

I’ve got 12 years worth of funny travel stories. In fact, I like to reenact them on my YouTube channel. Once I danced for an Indian king in the middle of a desert. You can hear that story here.

Jovago Pakistan

Have you had any bad experiences whilst traveling ?

I mean there are always more unfortunate experiences throughout a lifetime, whether you’re traveling or not. It’s all about perspective. So yes, I have been in rough situations traveling like being robbed, but with an open mind, I got through them all and they made great stories to tell afterward.

How do you manage when interacting with people without speaking their language?

Body language is just as effective.

Jovago Pakistan

Which destination you felt is not actually like you had imagined before?

India. It was so much more than I could have ever imagined. I LOVE this country

Any 3 money saving tips you would like to share while traveling?

1) Make friends and share room costs OR stay in dorms at hostels. 2) Stay somewhere where you either have a fridge or a communal kitchen. This way you can shop at a grocery store for food and not always have to spend money at restaurants. 3) Eat where the locals eat. It’s always cheaper and way more delicious and authentic.

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What do you like the most about traveling?

Every day you get to experience something new. It’s like being a little kid experiencing everything for the first time.

What do you dislike about traveling?

Flying. I really dislike flying…go figure.

What do you take back from your expeditions?

I like to collect unique jewelry from places I visit.

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Your trips low on the pocket or you like to make it extravagant?

I have been on both budget backpacking trips and luxurious VIP trips. I appreciate both very much and it depends on what I need or want to get out of an experience at the time. But for me, I really love having a tight budget when traveling because I get to me way more creative with how I use my money. It’s much more fun and raw.

Did you ever think of traveling to Pakistan?

Sure! I’d love to go. I want to go everywhere!

If “YES”, then what was the major reason or factor which made you to think  of traveling to Pakistan?

I think it would really take me out of my comfort zone, and I like that. The more a travel experience is different from my life back home, the more I fall I love with it.

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If you get a chance to visit Pakistan what are the 3 destination you would prioritize to explore?

To be honest, I’m not too sure as I haven’t really looked into where I’d like to go. I’d most likely ask my viewers and readers for their opinion since I have several from Pakistan.

What is Pakistan’s current perception in International travelers and international travel blogger’s community?

I can only speak for myself when I say that every country has their issues…but also their beauties. I would never go somewhere where I knew I’d be in danger but I also wouldn’t let  stories I hear on the news stop me from making the finaly, discussion of where I should and should not travel.

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Any message for our readers?

If you love to travel, you should do it! Start by exploring your own backyard. You’ll be surprised at what you may find. Also, you don’t need to be rich or have a lot of money to travel. Our ancestors, dating back many years ago, were all travelers. They may not have had money, but they had a lot of adventures. Adventure is for everyone, and if you want to be part of a community that gets that, come hang out with me on the Hopscotch the Globe platforms. I look forward to getting to know you!

With This Jovago ended the interview with Kristen.


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