Trip to Multan – The Major Do’s

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A trip to a city means visiting all the famous places in order to make sure that the trip is complete. Similarly just like other cities in Punjab like Lahore Islamabad, Multan has its own fair share of tourist attractions that a person must visit. Following are some of the places and things to do that make the top of the list.

  1. Visit The Mazars

Multan is known as the city of Sufis. With a lot of famous shrines over there, they automatically become one of the major tourist attractions in the city. From the Baha ud Din Zakariya shrine to the Shah Rukhs Alam there is an entire list of shrines that can be visited.

Multan Mazar Jovago Pakistan

  1. Multan Fort

A land mark of Indian defense and architecture, Multan Fort was built in between 800 to 1000 BC. It was built on a mound that separated it from the city. It has a lot of attractions that have and continues to attract thousands of tourists. Places inside thaw fort include the Dam Dama a massive block of building, Nighar Khana or barood khana that was used as a storage room for ammunition.

Multan Fort Jovago Pakistan

  1. Clock Tower Multan

Or more commonly known as ghanta Ghar is a government headquarters in the province of Punjab. Built in 1884 during the British raj, it served the purpose of offices to help run the city. The clock is run by solar power, however, it stopped working in 1985.

Multan ghanta ghar Jovago Pakistan

  1. Multan Museum

Ghanta Ghar or the clock tower is now being converted by the government into a museum. Home to a fine collection of coins, medals and postage stamps, this museum will soon start attracting a lot of traffic.

Multan museum Jovago Pakistan

  1. Multani Halwa

Halwa sond is one of the major sweets of Pakistan, especially in the winter season. However the best Halwa is found in Multan called Multani Halwa. Available at various shops and even stations, this is one of the most sold products of Multan. This Halwa is also a major takeaway gift from Multan. When visiting Multan this is one of the major things you have to do- Eat Multani Halwa.

Multani Halwa - Pakistan

  1. Siddique Karhai

Located in the Doolat Gate Multan, this is the perfect hangout place for friends having dinner. With it being mouthwatering, this place is not suitable for families. So make sure you go with your friends. At least once!

Siddique Karhai - Multan Pakistan

  1. Dilmeer ki Lassi

Being in the province of Punjab and not having lassi is like going to subway and not having a cookie. In simpler words: Impossible. Dilmeer ki Lassi is the most famous and crowded lassi point in Multan that one has to visit and try. Having sweet and salty lassi both, the place is almost always crowded due to its lassi.

Lassi of Multan - Pakistan

  1. Hussain Aghai bazar

Famous for its embroided clothing collection, it is one of the most historical bazaar of Multan. Offering a great variety of Khussa and embroided collection

Hussain Agahi Bazar - Pakistan

  1. Saddar Bazaar

Located in the Cantt area of Multan this bazaar is more like the high-end bazaar for the locals. From local brands to the international, this bazaar has it all, making it one of the places to visit.

Saddar Bazar Multan Pakistan

These are some of the places that a person must visit in order to ensure that their trip was complete. Plan a trip with Jovago and it will ensure that you get the best of accommodation and the best deals to make your trip in Multan one of the best trips!

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