Total Customer Experience: How The Top Hotels Do It And How You Can Too!

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When it comes to luxury hotel chains, the first impression is about them not being budget-friendly. Which is true. But acknowledging the ample number of opportunities and discounts offered for hotels in Pakistan is also something people ought to consider but usually don’t. Facts aside, where there are quality services, people are willing to pay the price for it.

Loyalty lies where services incorporate with quality, honesty and meeting customer’s expectations. Small budget hotels can excel at attracting potential customers. Considering their services by meeting these prospects.

3 Star Islamabad Hotels are offering 5-star service and various amenities are being presented. That have the sort of quality customers are looking for!

Hotels in Pakistan

It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have a swimming pool, a gym or a space for Sauna. Hotels with small budgets need to be aware of the fact that there are plenty of aspects that need to consider, first and foremost. More importantly be a top priority as well. Warm welcomes go a long way, for starters!

Such as making their customer’s stay at the hotel, the best!

There are a lot of focus points to be considered for promoting hotel services. You don’t need to be as exclusive as big hotel chains! Like Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi or Park Lane Hotel Lahore; the hotels of such pre-eminence hold greater standards and values. They have been persistent with their strategies of giving their customers a ‘total experience’.

Hotels in Pakistan

Total experience being that you cater to their needs. Build more engagement through effective communication platforms! Be it online or offline or both. Give them the best value for their money, building trust, and a good brand reputation.

Focus on one aspect that could make your hotel significant amongst the rest. It could be that you provide the best meeting and conference facilities through a resourceful business center. Other aspects could include having the best room service that people and loyal customers come back for. Ideal locations, safety, food varieties are some of the many considerations.

Hotels in Pakistan

Currently, with the advancement in technology, people are moving towards self-servicing. For the presence of more convenient options to avail different products and services online. The reason why which these services offered also need to stand out.

It all comes down to what consumers want! What they want is what you should be offering. Consider going for one highlighted feature. Instead of trying to incorporate everything all together that may require a bigger budget.

One of the other things that have been gaining significant recognition is having a prominent online presence. Be it through social media, through good content attracting the right audience. Even other non-paid forms of online advertising.

Expertise in this regard is essential, the key is to get the right message across. Not always about having a third party or an agency to do it for you. Promote your business with such cost-effective mediums!

Dreamworld Karachi has a substantial presence on social media. Websites such as Facebook where you get ‘Facebook Insights’. Twitter where you could promote your content and utilize ‘Twitter Analytics’. These tools identify the nature and the interests of your targeted audience. This sort of information tells you about how you can improvise with the current content.

So, from the time a customer makes contact with the company, for instance at Jovago our travel advisors help them from the time they are inquiring about a hotel to having them opt for the best hotel and checking out and even after it, by getting feedbacks, having them acknowledge the services they may want to opt for in the future or availing new services offered.

Moreover, customers visiting the website that are choosing from a variety of hotels. Checking rates, facilities and other features are also gaining the ‘self-service experience’. Ramada hotel Karachi and Regent Plaza have websites that let you explore their hotel facilities virtually. This lets customers acknowledge their services better. Whereas Avari hotel has a mobile app offering similar value-added services.

Hotels in Pakistan

Dreamworld Karachi also has a website as well and much likely how it is supposed to be promoting its service; one aspect that they have highlighted are the memberships for the audience since it is one of the best recreational sites in Karachi.

So, if there’s anything that small hotels should be learning from these luxury hotel chains, is the way they have been endorsing themselves along with providing good quality services. Features with value additions are a must!

Giving them, a complete experience will give your hotel positive word of mouth, referrals and various other benefits.

Hotels in Pakistan

These days, the reviews online on social groups, communities that consist of ‘influencers’ have been making a huge impact. Especially on potential customer’s buying decisions! As for the hotel, they have chosen, efficient and persistent customer relationship management methods remains a significant aspect.

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