Top Eight New Year’s Resolutions

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    • Adopt a healthy lifestyle, by aiming to lose weight, quit smoking and exercising regularly


    • Don’t spend mindlessly, instead save money for special occasions such as a family vacation to the Northern Areas


      • Overcome your fears! If you’re afraid of heights set a long-term goal to hopefully hike K2


    • Explore Pakistan and reconnect with your cultural backgrounds. Many people have become increasingly Westernized drifting away from their roots


    • Volunteer and contribute to your community, making others happier and in turn, helping yourself


    • Aim to travel more, create a bucket list of places you’ve always wanted to visit whether it is in your hometown, nationwide or international!


    • Spend more time with your family and friends, appreciate their company and create memories with those that mean the most to you


  • Love yourself! This is the most important resolution of them all, to be content and happy with yourself, so you can spread the love to others



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