Top 5 Places to Shop for Eid

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As Ramadan draws to an end, eid shopping is a key element of celebrating the festival of Eid-ul-Fitr for tourists and residents of Pakistan. As every corner of the country buzzes with zeal and fervor, has facilitated your eid shopping this year by compiling the best and most reasonably priced places to shop.


1. Tariq Road Bazaar, Karachi
Tariq Road Bazaar is a spread of about 1000 shops occupying Tariq Road, not only famous for variety but also for reasonable pricing. Tariq center, Mateen center, Shalimar Centre and Rabi Center (famous for Eid menswear) are among those on the street. Within these centers there is a host of small shops selling silk, satin, chiffon, cotton and lawn, perfect for your eid jora this year and the city’s finest footwear shops like Stylo, Metro shoes and English boot house.The street is also called Choori Gali because of the countless shops selling colourful glass bangles, and any woman in search of these is unlikely to leave empty handed. These bazars are nearby even if you are staying at a hotel near Jinnah International Airport.

Tariq Road Bazar


2. Clifton and Zamzama Belt, Karachi
Concentration of shops and designer accumulation around the teen talwar belt of Clifton and Zamzama Boulevard make it a popular place to shop for those interested in Eid designerwear.Park towers in zamzama is famous for eid drapery and shoes and Gulfway shopping Mall sells really made outfits and edgings,for those who urgently need something to wear on eid.



3. Liberty Market Lahore
Liberty market Lahore located on Main Boulevard Gulberg is an ideal spot for Eid shopping laden with a variety of Bangles and its Dupatta Gali. Lahoris and visitors are likely to find a reasonable bargain for these products, successfully attracting crowds to the market already.

Liberty Market


4. Mall of Lahore
The mall of Lahore is a hub of exciting outlets all under one roof.The best known brands and designers such as Deepak Perwani,Nomi Ansari and HSY all have shops here.Having men’s and women’s top brands collectively in one complex, makes for easy and exciting eid shopping as the eid collections are on the verge of release

Mall of Lahore


5.Tench Bhatta,Peoples Colony,Raja Bazaar,Moti Bazaar and Sadiqabad Market
Stalls and shops in these areas around the city selling gleaming bangles, embroidered clothes and handbags with special deals and promotions are likely to be the best place for young girls and women to find cheap and good quality eid clothing and accessories.The multi coloured lighting and decorations create a lively atmosphere to make eid shopping as memorable as Eid itself.



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