Thatta- Ancient City of Pakistan

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Thatta is an ancient city of Pakistan, located around 100 km from Karachi. With approximately 250,000 inhabitants, the city has a lot of historical monuments and is considered as a tourist spot for those who are curious to learn about the history of Pakistan. In fact historians say,  Thatta may have been the main port on the Indus during the time of Alexander the Great’s invasion. A lot of schools and universities take their students to Thatta to learn about the history of Pakistan.

The poverty rate in Thatta is very high, and a lot of people live in small tent houses. Thatta is extremely hot, and it would not be advisable to travel there during the summer seasons. In 2010 there were severe floods that hit Thatta, which caused a lot of damaged crops, cattle deaths and approximately 175,000 people were displaced.



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1 . Makli hills

The necropolis of Thatta is considered a UN World Heritage site. With a diameter of approximately 8km, the necropolis has over 125,000 rulers buried over there, including Sufi saints.


Shah Jehan Mosque

2 . Shah Jahan Mosque

The mosque was built in 1647, as a gift for the people of Sindh by Mughal King, Shah Jahan, as a gift for the people for their hospitality. The structure is beautiful with 93 domes and beautiful tiles. Since 1993, it has been on the tentative UNESCO World Heritage list.


Gujjo Town

3 . Gujjo Town

While traveling to Thatta, you will come across two famous towns – Gujjo town and Thame village. They are both fish farms, so if you really want to have some fish they would be the perfect places for a pit stop.




Just like any other town of Pakistan, there are a lot of places to eat located in Thatta. The food served is usually typical Pakistani food, but Thatta is very famous for fish because of the lakes. Because of the heat it is advised that you constantly drink water.


Shopping in Thatta is very popular because of the local products manufactured in the area. The bazaars of Thatta are known for their hand-printed fabrics, glass bangles, Sindhi embroidery and handicrafts (pottery, etc.). People come to Thatta just to purchase these products.


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Money: Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.

Exchange Rate:

Country Code: +298

Main Airport: Jinnah International Airport, 87km from Thatta


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