Sukkur –True Colors of Culture

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Sukkur is the third largest city in Sindh province; Located at the bank of River Indus. Formerly Sukkur was named as Aror or Bakhar, but later given the name Sukkur which means superiority in Sindhi. The cultural spots and bazaars in Sukkur show how rich it is in Sindhi culture, and they are the most prominent attractions of the city. People living here are proud of their city and show their pride by being very hospitable to tourists. Their hospitable culture is extended even to the management of top hotels in Sukkur, giving you more reasons to fall in love with the city.

Sukkur is simple yet beautiful, and the cultivable area around the city enhances its beauty. The climate at Sukkur is usually hot, dry and hazy. The city is beautifully crafted that people can’t stop roaming around and exploring the magnificence of civilization. To make your stay more comfortable book your stay in one of the nearest hotels to Sukkur airport, Chancery Inn Guest House.


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Jovago’s top 3


Inside Sadh Belo temple in Sindh, Pakistan

1. Sadh Belo

Sadh Belo is an island on Indus River very close to the city of Sukkur. There is a Hindu temple on the island which was founded in 1823 by Swami Bakhandi Maharaj Udasi; it is one of the main tourist attractions.  The route to the temple is through the river on a boat, which provides the tourist with a pleasurable experience and scenic view of River Indus.


sukkar barage

2. Sukkur barrage

Sukkur barrage (bridge) is located near Sukkur city. There are about 66 parts of the barrage and each has a door weighing 50 tons, to help to control the water flow for cultivation and floods.



3. Lab-e –Mehran:

Lab-e-Mehran is a beautiful garden located in Sukkur. The park is eye catching and adjacent to the Indus River. The garden has numerous facilities such as a separate family area, a small hotel, boat riding facilities and there are much more which are under construction.


Popular for tourism, Sukkur has plenty of restaurants and hotels available at an affordable rate. The food is specifically from Sindhi cuisine, and must eat items from the cuisine are Sai Bhaji, Sindhi Biryani, Taryal Patata and Pallo Machi along with drinks like Thadal, Khirni and sherbet.

Sukkur is famous for handicraft work and embroidery. The central bazaar of Sukkur is full of a variety of these products, such as Aplic work dresses and traditional Sindhi Ajarak, Khais and Chaddars. You can feel the roots of the Sindhi culture while shopping in Sukkur.

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