Sialkot – The City of Iqbal

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The city of Sialkot is located in Punjab under the Sialkot district. In terms of population, it ranks on the twelfth amongst other cities in Pakistan. It has an ancient history attached to it. Sialkot was founded by Raja Sul and was later rebuilt by Raja Salivahian who also constructed a fort in the city. This is how the city was coined its name, Sialkot which means ‘Fort of Sia’.


Sialkot is a very cultured city with diverse residents in terms of values and ethnicities. The overall city, however, represents the pure Punjabi culture. Sialkot is known for the manufacturing and export of items such as surgical and musical instruments, sports goods, leather goods and textile goods. The land is very fertile and rich in crops such as wheat, rice, barley and sugarcane.


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Iqbal Manzil

Sialkot_Iqbal Manzil_Jovago_blog

Sialkot is the birth city of Pakistan’s one and only national poet, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, giving the city the perfect association with Pakistan’s history. Iqbal’s house (known as Iqbal Manzil) is located in Kashmiri Mohalla, Sialkot. It was bought by Iqbal’s grandfather in 1861 and is still present. It has been converted into a museum for tourists to visit. Thus, it is a must-go site in Sialkot.

Clock Tower

Clock Tower_Sialkot_Jovago Pakistan

We have all heard about Sialkot’s famous clock tower.  It stands in the middle of Saddar Bazaar and holds the busy streets together. It is more than a hundred years old monument, that has its own significance. Though it has been renovated the real structure stands up to this date.

Tomb of Imam Ali-ul-Haq

Tomb of Imam Ali-ul-Haq

Imam Ali-ul-Haq dates back to the 13th century, he successfully converted thousands of local population of Sialkot to Islam. He got martyred in a clash against Raja of Sialkot at that time and has a mausoleum built over his grave. Whoever visits Sialkot, definitely pays a visit to Imam Sahib’s shrine. His service to humanity will always keep him alive amongst Muslims and Pakistanis.




Some of the famous Sialkoti dishes include Tandoori Chicken, Bhuna Ghost, Nihari, Keema Naan and Sarson ka Saag. You will easily find these dishes in almost every Pakistani restaurant. According to the visitors, the top restaurants that are a must-try are Malik restaurant and Frangoz café.

Sialkot is an industrial city with an increasing population and therefore increasing needs. Sialkot has the best quality items that are exported throughout the world. Some famous markets include Duran shopping mall, V mall and Clover mall. Other famous stores are Ihsan sports and Multi trading house.

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Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted by the ATM.

Exchange Rate Rate

Country code
+92 52

Sialkot International Airport is situated 14 km west of Sialkot in the Sialkot District of Punjab.



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