Meet Rob & Nat! A Brazilian Couple Curious To See Karachi The Port City

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Jovago Pakistan recently took interviewed of Natalie and Rob, a couple from Brazil. Read their interesting interview here.

Our first question is who are Rob and Natalie?

First things first: we are Brazilians and we used to live in a small city called ltajai, south of Brazil.

To make a long story short, our tale started in 2006. After some months together we made our first lovely trip. We went to Buenos Aires to attend an Electronic Music Festival and got bitten by the “travel bug”.

One year later we found ourselves moving to Dublin, Ireland. I am already in my thirties, and finally, I realized that life is so much easier when you smile and stay positive. Don’t waste time with things that aren’t worth… I’m Journalist. I have worked as a reporter, news reader. TV presenter, shop manager and I have owned a Beauty Salon.

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Rob has worked for 15 years in the shipping industry. Vessels, ports and containers were his universe. It’s so good. He knows where all the ports, cities and countries are on an atlas book. Patient and a little bit more serious than me, Rob is a sports enthusiast. From surfing to triathlon. from snowboarding to mining. He is always involved with some kind of sports activity.

How did you met each other? Was it while traveling?

We met on an English school over 15 years ago. We used to live in the same city but we didn’t have friends in common so at that time nothing happened. A few years latter we met on a nightclub and start dating straight away.

How and when you developed interest for traveling?

After 6 months dating, we went to Buenos Aires. Argentina for a short holiday. That was the start, we were bitten by the travel bug. One year later we packed our bags, moved to Ireland and for 2 years we explored over 10 countries.

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How many countries you have visited so far?

We visited 42 countries. Many of them over and over again, like Thailand. Turkey. Malaysia and Indonesia. In fact, we are running out of pages in our passport.

How do you finance your trips?

Our income comes from different sources, the blog, social media management, and freelance writing are the main ones.

Any 3 money saving tips while traveling you would like to share?

Actually is quite simple. Know what you want, set your budget and research a lot.

Do you like the most about traveling?

Meeting new people and learning about new cultures, It opens your mind to better understand and respect other cultures.

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What do you dislike the most about traveling?

Saying goodbye. It’s over 2 years of nonstop traveling and we didn’t get used to say goodbye to friends.

What is that triggers you to travel to an entirely new destination?

The new, the challenge and a couple of times it was related to something we saw or heard in our childhood. I remember reading about the Komodo dragons when I was a kid, when I saw an opportunity to visit the Komodo National Park this memory came up.

While visiting a new destination what two things your love to explore the most?

The food and the culture. It’s amazing how different and how similar our cultures are.

How do you plan your destinations?

It is a mix of factors. First of all the destination must have something that we both love. Then we will check the Visa requirements, costs and how easy (or hard) is to get there.

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Do you have any funny travel stories?

Usually it involves bad communication. Lost in translation. Once in lzmir, [urkey. I tried to order water and ended up getting milk. Water in Turkish is “Su” and milk is “Süt’. My terrible pronunciation made me drink warm milk while eating a pizza.

Have you had any bad experiences whilst traveling?

A couple of them… Being held by Immigration officers for questioning stuck in the middle of the night without a place to stay. Broken buses … It’s all part of the journey :).

How do you manage when interacting with people without speaking their language?

It’s always fun! We try to learn a few words in every place we visit, it’s a way to show appreciation. Gestures. Mimic and smiles help a lot too!

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Which destination you felt is not actually like you had imagined before?

The first time we visited Bali we found it way too overdeveloped. Our idea of Bali was a paradisiac and calm place. During our second visit, we discovered the Bali from our dreams, empty beaches, friendly people. Beautiful rice fields.

What do you take back from your expeditions?

Every place teaches us something. To be more tolerant, patient. respectful. Believe this is the main thing we take from our travels.

Your trips are low on the pocket or you like to make it extravagant?

A bit of both. One of the biggest expenses while traveling is accommodation, we travel slow spending over a month in one place. So we can get better deals on monthly rentals. Since our income has no date to finish we don’t splurge everyday. But from time to time we stay on a nice hotel or dine in a cool restaurant.

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Did you ever think of traveling to Pakistan?

We have the will to visit all the “istan’s” countries although due to other work opportunities we keep postponing this trip

If you get a chance to visit Pakistan what are the 3 destinations you would prioritize to explore?

Karachi. Since i’ve worked many years in the shipping industry I’m curious to see this port city. Islamabad for being the capital and Lahore for its history  – Rob

What is Pakistan’s current perception in international travelers and international travel blogger’s community?

If you ask to Brazilians if they want to visit Pakistan 99% of them will say: why? The only image we get in South America about Pakistan is related to an unsafe place. Among international blogger the opinion vary but most of them would not consider a trip to Pakistan.

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With this, Jovago Pakistan ended the interview with Natalie.

Image Source: Images provided by Natalie and taken from her blog with permission.

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