Resourceful Hotel marketing: Ideas For Better Profitability!

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A lot can be done when it comes to promoting your brand online. For booking rooms for the perfect hotel potential guests and visitors often check out details and relevant content relating to the sort of stay, accommodations, amenities and locations they want to opt for.

It is highly important and necessary for hotels that are on a strict budget to keep in consideration, innovative and cost-effective ways to market their services online. Considering current stats and the current market in general, Pakistani audience is slowly and gradually shifting to online platforms to acquire the services they had to go through a hassle to get hold of.

The current audience is becoming avid on booking car, ordering food, ordering from grocery items to electrical appliances online. The scope is so big that it is not limited to one or two players in the market, there’s no monopoly but the competition is getting tougher with each coming day.

What differentiates your brand in the eyes of your targeted customers and the hotel industry in general depends highly on how you attract more customers prior to how you can retain them.

Featuring facilities provided for the customers is not the only sole reason a person may visit your hotel. It’s all about customer experiences now!

To create a total customer experience, you need to entice them to make a purchase. Your audience has the purchasing power, but this shouldn’t be mistaken for the fact that there are a lot of aspiring travelers that want to witness different places but are unable to do so.

Online Hotel Booking Pakistan

In order to implement resourceful hotel marketing, you can consider many options. If you want to be up to date you ought to be utilizing the electronic mediums that are not prevalent.

Think of loyalty programs, reward points – incentivize! Give your guests something that would have them coming back for more.

Virtual reality is becoming more ‘real’ each day, so here’s a tip that’s a winner! Incorporate features such as 3D pictures, simulation in posts, games, quizzes, make their experience more interactive making sure the hotel is getting advertised one way or another. 3D pictures could include sceneries and showcase amenities such as having the staff attending to guests, video snippets can also be featured on social networking websites of a particular hotel brand.

Hotels in various regions of Pakistan have so much to offer yet they fail to promote their services. For instance, Regent Plaza features an online presence for their potential guests through social media.

Regent Plaza Hotel

A very good example of a couple of hotels that are focusing on social media along with getting relevant feedback from customers are PC Hotel Lahore and Avari Hotel Lahore.

They propose content that has the audience engaged in their posts, the topics are relevant and they promote their current initiatives in a way that has the audience’s attention be it festivals, seminars, food reviews, the range is diverse.

SEO optimization surely needs to be done in accordance with the marketing budget allotted and tactics that would work with your sort of hotel. Use content marketing as a problem-solving approach, know what the customers want, know their problems their ideas, issues and suggestions, play with the information you acquire.

Press releases is another way to market your hotels and keep the media, market and targeted audience in the loop. Provide information on website interface, make it easy for our customers to utilize your platform that wouldn’t have them intimidated instead encourage them to use your website.

Online Hotel Booking

Lastly, be authentic! You’ll find plenty of websites bragging about their amenities and boasting about the services they have to offer, moving away from the actual thing, this can be avoided, if you want your customers to come back you need to play the extra mile.

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