10 Reasons 5 Star Hotels Should Have Live Chat Support For Website

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 Live chat support system is becoming essential every other day for businesses. The sharp upward trend in e-commerce in Pakistan is a sign for businesses to transform on modern parameters. However, every digital element isn’t for every business.

Let us dive into some interesting facts and figures about online chat support system.

  • Facts and Figures about Online Chat Support
  • Live chat system tracks online activities of over 63 million people
  • 42% of customers using live chat over emails or any other social media
  • 90% customers feel live chat is helpful
  • 77% of people shopping online prefer to chat with a real person instead of a machine before making purchases
  • In a research, 63% customers said they would likely return if the website has live chat option
  • 33% of customers are expected to recommend a brand to others which provide speedy response

These stats give a great insight into online chat system importance. But as mentioned earlier, online chat is not suitable for every hotel. Most probably it is suited for 5 star hotels with a high search volume online.

Let us show you how to find if online chat support system is suitable for you or not.

Analyzing If Online Chat Support is Important For your Hotel Website Or Not

Log on to Google keyword planner. In getting search volume data type your hotel (or guest house) name. If you get a lot of guests from abroad too, then keep the “Targeting section” to “all location”.

If the major chunk is coming from Pakistan, then keep it to Pakistan.

Geo Location Selection - Pakistan

Hit the Get search volume button!

Let us take the example of some of the top hotels of Pakistan.

The first example can be of Dreamworld Karachi. The average monthly search volume is 1300. But if you try Dream World Karachi you will see 5400 average monthly searches. That means there are 6700 average monthly searches. Substantial potential traffic!

Dream World Karachi - Pakistan

Let us dig about Regent Plaza Karachi. The average monthly search volume is 1300 which is again a decent number of searches.

Regent Plaza Karachi - Pakistan

Let us see the search volume for Ramada Plaza. You will see an interesting result. Ramada plaza Karachi has highest average monthly search volume with the Ramada Hotel Karachi which is 2900. Ramada hotel has 720 searches. Ramada Plaza Karachi has 590 searches. That means in total there are 4210 average monthly searches for Ramada Plaza.

Ramada Hotel Karachi

Let us take another example of Avari hotel Lahore, one of the great hotels on Jovago Pakistan portal. Avari has 1900 average monthly searches. With the variation, Avari Lahore has 2400 searches. That means a total of 4300 average monthly search volume. Again a decent number of online searches!

Avari Lahore Hotel

These hotels have great search volume and having online chat support system seems appropriate.

On the other hand, if we check small hotels which are not popular brands in the hotel industry you will see their average online monthly search volume is low.

For example Pine Park hotel Shogran has only average monthly 480 searches. Another example is of Shalimar hotel Rawalpindi has only 397 average monthly searches. Take another example of Karachi beach huts. It has average 480 monthly searches.

You can easily see the big brands of hotels industry have a reasonable amount of online monthly searches while there are hotels which haven’t even topped the milestone of 500.

The data clearly suggests online chat system is more appropriate for hotels with high search volume.

From here let us start listing reasons “why a 5 star or top hotel should have live chat system”.

Online Chat Support Works As Hotel Reservation Software

Online chat support system can be counted as a multitasking tool which also works as a hotel booking software for online website visitors.

Wondering how?

Many people prefer to chat online rather than calling or emailing for room booking. Still, they have to. But online chat gives them another option which is much easier and casual. After taking info they can book the room directly with CS department.

As you have already seen there is a decent amount of searches for hotels like Avari Lahore, Regent Plaza etc. That means even if the conversion rate is 5% of online website traffic, a good number of website visitors will be booking the room online.

For example, Dreamworld Karachi has 6700 monthly searches. Assume even if 5% of website visitors book the rooms online the Math will be like this:

0.05 * 6700 = 335 monthly customers

Isn’t it cool?

Online Chat System Reducing Telephone Expenses

One of the great ways to increase profitability is to reduce costs. The more costs get reduced, better it is. One of the major expenses for hotels is calling expenses especially when the hotel is a popular brand and offers a toll-free number.

Reduced Telephone Expenses - Pakistan

According to 2012 Aberdeen Group Report, companies can save up to 50% of support cost in case of using online chatting support VS traditional telephone support.

Jovago Pakistan

It is important to remember that online chat support helps the CS agent to attend more than one person simultaneously.

This helps in overall cost reduction. In a conventional telephonic support, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Online Chat Support System Can Increase Sales With More Hotel Room Bookings

People love to buy products and services from companies which offer the most hassle free customer experience.

This can only be smoothly done when a website has chat support system to fasten up the process of handling customers, their queries, and complaints.

Research shows that integration of online chat system on websites can increase sales.

Online Hotel Room Booking

According to American Marketing Association, live chat increases sales by 20%. Moreover, the ROI from paid live chat systems rises to almost 300%.

A major reason for increased sales is human interaction on both sides where any potential buyer who is in a phase of “taking information” or “choosing the hotel” moves to the next level of decision making after connecting with CS or sales team.

The quick and appropriate responses from the experienced staff help in clarifying confusions and getting all the queries faster eventually leading to quicker decision making and most importantly the number of drops out from the website fall.

Enhanced Customer Services By Hotels

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of business today. Ignoring customer services (CS) aspect means increasing your cost by acquiring new customers and losing future potential profits by losing existing customers.

Customer care services - Pakistan

Enhanced customer services lead to higher satisfaction of customers.

According to research conducted by eDigital Customer Service survey of 2000 people they came to know the fact that live chat system had the highest satisfaction level of 73%.

Phone and SMS were rated at 44% and 41% respectively as the lowest customer service touch points.

Quicker Problem Solving By Hotel’s CS Department

Internet and website are the fastest medium of communication with multiple stakeholders these days. Hotels websites can generate higher revenue for business.

One of the key features of websites is uploading all the necessary information online. But there will be many website visitors who may fail to explore the information to solve their issues.

Quicker Problem Solving - Pakistan

A live chat support system can be helpful to push the right information through chat enabling to get the customer’s problem solved ASAP.

This is something which cannot be done via phone.

Imagine if any person calls your hotel and your CS department asks them to grab a pen and paper, then start spelling every single word. How much time consuming that would be? How much cost and human resource will be blocked for such a long time?

Let us do little Math for 5 star hotels like Arabian Sea Country Club who have got a decent search volume of 1600. Even a small portion, let us say 5% has problems that are 80 customers. And they start calling, will the CS department be able to cope up?

CS Jovago Pakistan

What do you say? Isn’t live chat support system a better option?

Live Chat System Increases Customer Retention Rate

Another interesting fact of having live chat support system is increased customer retention! Research says improved customer care service and quicker problem-solving leads to higher customer retention rate. That means more profitability.

increase customer retention - jovago Pakistan

Wondering how?

The answer is acquiring a new customer cost more than retaining the existing customer. Some of the interesting facts about customer satisfaction, customer retention, costs and profitability are:

  • Loyal customers are valued at 10 times more than their first purchase
  • According to American express 2011 survey 70% of US citizens expressed their will to spend more on companies they believe offer great customer services
  • 86% of the customers who had bad customer experience were likely to switch (2011)
  • Building loyalty with 5% of your customer base can help generating profits anywhere from 25% to 100%
  • The probability of selling to a new customer is between 5%-20%. On the other hand, the stats jump to 60% to 70% for existing customers
  • It is approximately 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer instead of retaining the existing one

Keeping these facts and figures in mind you can realize how important it is. Focus on customer satisfaction with help of live chat support systems as they are a great tool to facilitate you and your hotel business.

Focus on customer Satisfaction - Pakistan

Convenience for Customers

Online chat support creates great convenience in many ways. If you integrate online chat support system to your hotel website, these are few of the conveniences your clientele will benefit from:

  • Quicker room bookings
  • Reaching your hotel staff easily
  • Getting the queries answered ASAP
  • Getting the complaints answered ASAP
  • Getting repetitive customers

Customer Convenience - Pakistan

These convenience factors will eventually lead to the profitability of your hotel.

Competitive Advantage Over Other Hotels

A substantial number of online businesses in Pakistan don’t use any live chat system on their websites. Same goes for hotel websites.

This mean there is room to gain the competitive advantage over competitors. The initiative can help your hotel to move towards affordable and effective support solutions.

So what you think about gaining competitive edge over other hotels?

Helps In Expanding Market

The presence of a website can enable your hotel business to get potential customers dropping at your website from beyond your local area. But the probability of converting them will be low.

Online chat support system enables potential customers to ask questions and get info in no time which can fasten up the process of conversion.

Market Expansion - Pakistan

This way you can expand the business beyond the local market.

Proactive Approach To Website Visitors

A proactive attitude is an element which can make you stand out of other hotels and guest houses.

Live chat systems today have advanced features. The two most common advanced features are:

  • Providing customer’s geographical location information
  • CS department can send chat request instead of waiting for the website visitor to

Bothe the features are great. When a website visitors sees the CS department engaging him by taking his country name it sounds pleasant and creates an impact at the very first stage.

On the other hand, the second feature helps the CS department to initiate that conversation breaking the ice. The online chat system enables the CS department to see which web pages the visitor is looking at. This can help to figure out at what stage of buying cycle the visitor is?

The CS department can help in a much better way by knowing what is happening in prospective buyer’s mind.

Ease in Records Reports And Analysis

Reporting and analysis are important for future growth of business.

With the help of live chat system, you can view all kind of custom reports. They are just a click away. Moreover, you can review chat histories of all your CS agents.

Some of the great benefits you will get are:

  • How many chat requests accepted/ignored
  • Responses and feedbacks by CS department
  • Other visitor metrics to help in improvement

So would you like to make your life easier one-click report generation and analysis on your fingertips?


Online chat support system is extremely important for hotel websites which get a large volume of traffic.

Your hotel website can increase revenue with the help of online chat system. However, the integration of online chat support can work as an add-on resulting in the improvement in customer services, quicker room booking too.

Are planning to improve the website? How do you plan to do so? Is online chat support in the checklist? Do share your opinion with Jovago Pakistan.

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