Another Reason to Visit Kolachi Restaurant

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The sea facing restaurant in Clifton, Karachi, has been in limelight since its inception due to many reasons. Firstly, their concept of the entire setup of having a restaurant on top of water is unique and first ever in the city. The atmosphere and ambience gives a fresh and invigorating experience to the guests. They further won the hearts of the visitors with their phenomenal food offerings.

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Apart from their famous as well as scrumptious paneer reshmi handi and chicken karahi, they have been praised for their exemplary customer service. This was additionally enhanced when they took an extraordinary step to prove how far they could go for the satisfaction of their customers. Recently when Karachi welcomed heavy rain at night, Kolachi, being an open restaurant over the sea, had to take care of the fact that the customers don’t face difficulties due to rain.

karachi, pakistan, restaurant, seaview

They were prepared with tens of umbrellas and as soon as rain hit, the waiters stood with umbrellas open to cover the guests and their tables until the rain stopped pouring. The guests surely enjoyed their expected Kolachi experience and witnessed remarkable customer service.

According to customer reviews, if you are planning to visit Karachi, you should surely place Kolachi restaurant at the top in the list of tourist spots.

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