Rawalpindi – One Of The Twin Cities Of Pakistan

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Located in the province of Punjab- 4th largest populous city of Pakistan and the third largest metropolitan city, Rawalpindi is the twin city of Islamabad.

Often ignored and sidelined, Rawalpindi has not been discovered to an extent to which it should’ve been. It is a wondrous tourist destination that has a lot to offer once people get there. Planning to visit Rawalpindi? Here is a list of things to do in order to ensure that your trip memorable and complete.

Visit the bazaars

Rawalpindi is famous for its hustling and bustling bazaars. From the raja bazar to the sadder bazar, you will find the most traditional products and gifts. From jewelry to traditional clothes and handmade purses to various food stalls that will satisfy your hunger with its exotic tastes and unique presentation.

From jewelry to traditional clothes and handmade purses to various food stalls that will satisfy your hunger with its exotic tastes and unique presentation.

Rawalpindi Raja Bazar


Un-designated food streets

There are food streets that are set up and planned, paid for by the government, but then there are those- rarely existing- that automatically become a food street.

Kitarpura main Bazaar- commonly known as the food street near Banni chowk. As the clock strikes seven, the place comes to life with the most mouthwatering aromas surrounding you, to the amazing sight of numerous food vendors all traditional might we add.

One selling Paya in a huge deikchee, one making nihari, one focusing on different types of karhai whereas the other is selling see food. You’ll find it all here, cheap and mouthwatering dishes.

Rawalpindi Food Jovago Pakistan


Retaining a lot of architecture from the British era, there are two churches one has o=to visit when in Rawalpindi. Cathedral near the Presentation Convent School in Lalkurt, the place has a nice garden and a beautiful view. The second church is the Anglican Church on the mall road.


Rawalpindi Churches - Pakistan

Ayub Park

Travelling to Rawalpindi, and not going to Ayub park is like leaving the chicken out of chicken karhai. Weird, I know. But still. Leaving your trip incomplete makes no sense. Just on the outskirts of Rawalpindi is Ayub park where nice little zoo, a playground and also wild ducks which spend most of their time on the beautiful lake that in the park.

Ayub Park Rawalpindi Jovago Pakistan

Murree brewery

Travelling to Rawalpindi in summers, Muree Brewery is a must visit. With all sorts of drinks available, it will surely help you quench your thirst and provide you an opportunity to visit one of the most visited tourist spot.

Rohta’s Fort

A huge port, making it impossible to walk through in one go, Rohta fort is one of the major tourist spot in Rawalpindi. With twelve gates, the Fort also has a mosque inside, providing the visitors a place to offer prayers.

Plan your visit with Jovago and visit all these major spots, and make your trip memorable. From the bazaars too the food street to the Rohta’s Fort, Rawalpindi has a lot more to offer given the chance!

Rohtas Fort Jovago Pakistan

Rawalpindi is undoubtedly  one of the must visit cities in Pakistan. Thes best part is there is a decent number of hotels and guest houses in Rawalpindi  which helps the visitor to make their stay comfortable.


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