Ratti Galli Lake: One of The Latest Addition To Beautifying Lakes of Pakistan

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Water is considered to be one of the magical ingredients which when mixed, results in the creation of life. Therefore, it is considered one of the four elements of life. There are many sources of freshwater such as rivers, glaciers and lakes that Mother Nature has blessed us with.

When it comes to Pakistan, the country seems to be greatly blessed with lakes. Ratti Galli Lake is one such example. To help people explore this natural wonder, Jovago Pakistan has written a complete guide about Ratti Galli Lake.



This glacial lake is located at a height of approximately 12000 feet in the beautiful Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir. The lake got its name from the dark red flowers that are spread over the surrounding the mountains. The red flowers enchant the passersby with their beauty, especially the serene view of the surface when it shimmers under the late afternoon sun.



The lake is also locally known as Dowarian Lake because of the nearby village which has the same name. Ratti Galli lake is a true wonder of nature as it is surrounded by the green pasture covered mountains and fed by the water from the surrounding glaciers. The flora and fauna found at the Ratti Gali Lake are renowned throughout the world for their unsurpassed beauty. Hawks and otters can be easily seen in the area when one treks around the place. As the lake is located in the Neelum Valley which is home to a number of waterfalls, tourists can also go and explore areas.

The best time to visit this lake


The rugged land landscape makes trekking the only option through which one can visit Ratti Gali Lake. The high altitude makes it a seasonal lake which is not accessible in the winter season. In order to have the best experience of this enchanting lake, it is advised to travel between the months of May and August.


This beautiful, jaw-dropping tourist spot is a must visit if you are traveling to the Northern Areas of Pakistan. If you have information on other lakes, that provides a picturesque view to the travelers, then share it with us in the comments section below.

Neelum Valley

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