Quetta- Fortress of River Valleys!

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The provincial capital of Balochistan, Quetta, is a very important city of Pakistan.  The city is surrounded by beautiful river valleys (on all four sides), which explains the meaning behind the name ‘Quetta,’ which means fortress in Pashto.  The rich orchards of Quetta provide the country with a variety of delicious dry fruits, and most of the pistachios, olives and wild almonds come from there.

Quetta serves as an important trade route, linking Pakistan with Afghanistan.  The city is inhabited mostly by Pashtuns though many Baloch, Punjabi and Brahui people also live there.  Pashtu is the main spoken language, but Urdu is also widely spoken.  Quetta has a rich history which pulls many people towards it.


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Jovago’s Top 3


Hanna Lake

1. Hanna Lake

The dry climate of Quetta makes the beautiful Hanna Lake a tourist favourite. The lake offers a variety of water sports which is a refreshing activity to turn to in the heat, and there are many hotels such as the famous Gardenia Resort Hotel close by making it easier for tourists.


Shahre Liaqat

2. Shahrah e Liaquat

Most of the famous markets are located here, and it is heaven for those with enjoy both, traditional and city life. The true hustle and bustle of Quetta can be seen here.



3. Hazarganji Chiltan National Park 

Situated in the Sulaiman Mountains, the park is believed to be the resting place of a ‘thousand treasures.’ These treasures are said to have been left behind by the great armies that passed through Quetta years and years ago, resulting in the park being declared as a national heritage.



Travellers will easily find good hotels which serve the most alluring kinds of the famous Pashtun Roash, and a variety of kebabs which make dinner decisions challenging!

Kandhaari and Liaquat Bazaar are the main shopping areas in Quetta. There are large varieties of handicrafts, Afghani rugs, embroidered clothes and the famous Pakhtun sandals, which are sold here.

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