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Jovago Pakistan had recently organized an expert roundup post on perfect destination for women traveling alone.

This time, we asked about perfect destination from male travel bloggers. Here is the feed back from 21 popular solo male travel bloggers from around the world.

Alexander Waltner 


   Alexander Waltner Interview With Jovago Pakistan

I would like to recommend Japan.

It’s a wonderful country with lots of sightseeing and beautiful nature. If you’re a solo traveler you can enjoy cheap hostels and cool accommodations such as sleeping pods (really cheap). No matter where you go in Japan, you’ll see yourself amazed by something new and exciting.

Don’t speak Japanese? No problem. The Japanese people are so friendly and helpful. The transportation is also efficient with Shinkansen trains that go almost all over the country.

Flights are cheap and you can get to Okinawa and Kyoto from Tokyo in no time by air.



Anthony Interview with Jovago Pakistan

One amazing destination that I’ve found is great for men travelling alone is anywhere in Ireland.

The locals are friendly, and as soon as you start talking, you’ll be making friends in no time. Just start talking and you’ll strike up a conversation about almost anything.

Irish people tend to not take themselves too seriously, and neither should you! They like sharing a yarn and a few jokes, and the banter is one of the best things I love about Irish people. It’s all about a bit of fun!



Aussieontheroad - Pakistan

Namibia is a place where solitude is not only welcome, but encouraged. It’s vast, sun-baked desert plains, towering sand dunes, and seemingly unending skies are perfect for quiet contemplation about one’s own place in the universe.

There’s a kind of haunting beauty to Namibia that extends from the windswept Skeleton Coast to the brightly coloured Sossusvlei and all the way to Fish River Canyon in the south. It’s a place that begs exploration without the yammer of conversation or feverish checking of Facebook notifications and messages.

It’s a place that speaks to the very masculine desire for adventure and the unknown. Whether you’re chasing lions across the dusty plains of Etosha, wandering the dunes, or sleeping under the stars and contemplating the meaning of life out in the Namib Desert – it’s simple beauty best experienced without distractions.

Dave Anderson


Dave Anderson - Pakistan

When it comes to solo travel, there are so many amazing destinations to choose from.  For me, the first time I felt like a true solo traveler was in Sri Lanka — and I still think it is one of the best places in the world to explore.  It may not have the fanciest hostels, or common backpacking route, but the country is absolutely stunning.

For solo travelers — all you need to do is make your way to Arugam Bay, and you’ll be surrounded by like minded travelers from all over the world.  A-Bay might be known as the surfing capital of Sri Lanka, but it’s a charming town that will definitely keep you there longer than expected.

While you’re there, make sure you stay at this place called The Beach Hut.  The atmosphere is simply unbeatable.  Every night all the guests come to the dining area for the dinner special, meet new people, and share travel stories over a friendly drinking game.  Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka has everything one would look for when it comes to the solo travel experience.

Federico Arrizabalaga


Maitravelsite - Pakistan

I’m quite sure that the country that has surprised me the most during the travels has been Taiwan, and has become not only one of my favorite countries in the world but the country I most encourage people visit as soon as possible. It’s got it all: great mountains, fantastic beaches, modern cities and traditional villages, an exquisite culture, good food and Taiwanese people are the nicest in the world, hands down.

Upon arrival I wasn’t sure if I’d stay for over a week, but was charmed to the core and extended the stay the maximum time the visa allowed. Taiwan is not very large, and with careful planning you can travel around the island and see a good part of it in a couple of weeks. Remember to interact with the people, you’ll be blown away by their hospitality!

Francis Tapon


Francis Tapon - Pakistan

A single male traveler would enjoy seeing Morocco. I spent three months there while filming my TV documentary pilot episode. What makes this place special is that it is the only place in North Africa that is still completely safe for tourists.

The Moroccan government has done an excellent job at making their Muslim country safe for all. With all the global misunderstandings of Islam, now is a good time to visit Morocco and see for yourself how everyday Muslims live and how hospitable they can be to westerners.

Greg Goodman


Greg Goodman - Pakistan

With friendly locals, easy public transportation, hostels galore, plenty of nightlife and a variety of big cities, small towns, beaches and landmarks to explore, Taiwan should be on any solo traveler’s list.

Taipei, the capital, is one of the cleanest and most efficient cities in the world, which is amazing considering how big it is. Any time you get lost, a friendly local will be more than happy to point you in the right direction … and maybe even accompany you there.

As a solo male traveler, Taiwan’s tourism infrastructure makes it easy to get around and impossible to resist. You can take a train or bus to nearly every major town, and most stations have at least one staff member who speaks English.

When it comes to hostels, there are plenty! In addition to meeting fellow travelers, you will find that the staff are always excited to take you around and introduce you to their town. This is an incredible byproduct of Taiwan still being off the average tourist’s radar.

Whatever you are most interested in seeing or doing, Taiwan has it. So, once you get tired of the crowds and rampant tourism of most of Southeast Asia, hop on a flight and head to Taiwan: a hidden gem of Asia.



Henrik travel - Pakistan

New Zealand: One of my favourite countries. Very safe and so beautiful. It’s easy to hitchhike so if you stay with local people, you can travel here on a very tight budget.

Palau: It’s very safe and very easy to hitchhike. Probably every second or third car will stop. It is incredible. It might be a bit expensive to get there, but it’s well worth it. One of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Iain Mallory


Iain Mallory - Pakistan

Maybe an easier question would be where should a solo traveller avoid? I honestly believe there are few to zero destinations where a solo traveller can’t feel safe.

Of course there are some destinations which have particular areas of high risk, which should be avoided, but otherwise the countries themselves are relatively safe to travel.

It’s more about being aware, apart from avoiding obvious high risk areas, in the main staying safe requires the traveller to be aware of their surroundings. Explore when it seems sensible to do so, be cautious when it doesn’t.

There is probably almost as great a risk of being attacked or mugged in New York or London as there is in perceived high risk places such as Kabul, Islamabad, Khartoum or Mexico City. Remain vigilant and observant, avoid possible risk factors, such as quiet, dark areas, broken street lights or suspicious gatherings of people and conceal expensive belongings.

Otherwise don’t be restricted by poor media portrayal or reputations built by Hollywood rather than facts. The press often reports and sensationalises the bad experiences of travellers, but how many more have incredible, worry free experiences?

I don’t have any specific recommendations, just one; get out and experience all the world has to offer.



Jeremy Albelda - Pakistan

 I’ve been a solo male traveler for the past 7 years and have gone around the world multiple times. I would have to say a great place to visit as a solo traveler would be Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

This is a beautiful part of the DR and is famous for its wealth of outdoor and water activities like kiteboarding, surfing, mountain biking, hiking, yoga and much  more. It’s easy to meet people, has great weather, and fun nightlife which is easy to mingle with others. A fun place to stay is the Extreme Hotel which has every activity you could imagine doing, all with like-minded, fun guests.



Onestep4ward - Jovago pakistan

New Zealand.

There’s nothing like wild camping, mountain climbing and sky diving to make you feel like you’ve answered all those primal urges to answer your male ego! Or maybe that’s  just me?

Anyway, the south island has more opportunities to cut free than almost any place on earth, and once you’re done with glaciers, lakes and wild trails. There’s every adrenaline sport imaginable waiting for you in Queenstown.

Jonny Blair


Jonny Blair - Pakistan

1.Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland is the pearl of the UK and the jewel of Ireland. A country rarely ventured to by foreigners, it’s a country brimming with historical past, political tension, genuine hate, pure love and with a warm heart. Belfast City allows you to get to the core of the problems in the days of the troubles, while the Giant’s Causeway allows you to dream of a world where giants could nonchalantly walk to Scotland on hexagonal stones and towns like Bangor and Portadown, you can go for a “wee coffee and a scone” in the daytime and good old Northern Irish booze up by night. The country deserves to be seen, just 5 years short of its centenary in 2021.

China is a pure test of your travelling acumen due to its sheer diversity and craziness. You will end up in remote towns and villages nobody has ever heard of or written about. You will eat food without ever asking where it came from and you will read bus timetables pretending you have a clue where you are going. Get your visa for China, and get out into the wild. It will change your life.

Soft men go backpacking in Thailand and Spain, real man take it one step further and head to war zones and political conflict areas. The irony is, that it is normally safer and more enjoyable when you backpack through so called war zones. While Afghanistan may still have that edge to it, this should spur you on to an adventurous time. For a male tourist, it’s perfect as there are not many restrictions. The same cannot be said for females however. This country is beautiful but a huge gender divide continues in the daily life.

For some sublime backpacking in a country where you will be the novelty, the exotic one, the centre of attention, hit up Taiwan. But make sure you escape Taipei and Kaohsiung as those cities can become a vacuum. The real beauty lies in the national parks, the beaches and the cities where there are no other foreign tourists. Watch the people talk to you on every corner and mingle in the night markets like there is no tomorrow.

Tequila, tacos and mayan ruins, Mexico has it all. From gorgeous beaches to dodgy towns to the best food and drink in the Americas, do not skip Mexico on your global trip. Mexico City itself is one of my favourite cities in the world. Sitting in a downtown Cantina with good food and a cold cerveza for sunset and life doesn’t get much better. Throw in some tequila, dancing and local girls and we have a party.

It’s hard to choose one country in mainland Europe, but if you only get one choice, it has to be Poland. The strongest people live here. They have been screwed over so much in the last 100 years that now finally Poland is getting the credit and publicity it deserves. The Germans and Russians tried to destroy it, the locals lost their country for years, the language faded at one point and now Poland thrives. The cuisine like pierogi and bigos is brilliant. There are mountains lakes, old towns, war tours and some of the best bars and cafes in Europe here. Get visiting places like Gdańsk and Poznań to enjoy city life and for some off the wall antics, towns like Starogard Gdański and Tczew to see how Poles really live.

If you are a man who loves the greatest sport in the world – football – then it has to be Uruguay!! This is the home of the FIFA World Cup. It dates back to 1930 when the first ever World Cup was held here. Uruguay won it that year, and again in 1950 when it was held in Brazil. Uruguay have also won Olympic Gold twice, 4 major football trophies for a country that houses only 3 million people, well it tells you there is something magic in the air here. Away from football, you can get your fix of city life in Montevideo, a historic town in Colonia Del Sacramento and a pure beach resort with cocktails, sand and sunshine at the gorgeous Punta del Este.



Josh Farwest China - Pakistan

As a man who is addicted to adventure, there are few places in the world that compare to the beautiful and remote region of Xinjiang, China. Unlike most of China, it’s easy to find solitude among the abundant mountain, desert and grassland landscapes and equally fascinating to interact with the numerous Central Asian cultures that are represented there.

Whether you’re looking for a formidable mountain climbing challenge or you simply want an opportunity to wander around without interruption, this is a perfect location. Personally, I love the fact that much of this part of the world has yet to be discovered or explored – most places I visit rarely see a foreign traveler!



Melvin Traveldudes - Pakistan

One of my favorite cities in Europe is Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The city got the flair of a bigger city, but is actually quite small and cozy. It’s full of restaurants, bars and cafes. Then there is the historical castle overlooking the city and the river Ljubljanica floating through it. You can go SUPing and kayaking on the river, which is a unique experience.

I don’t know another capital city where you can do this. Along the river are plenty of restaurants and the quality of the food is really good and tasty. But there is more in the surrounding area. You can have some real cool fun and explore some of the over 3,000 caves. Don’t go for the touristy ones, with toy train and colored lights. No, go for the real adventure where you have to rob through mud. The tourism office can help to book those tours. We did that and we had so much fun!

Michael Turtle


Michael Turtle - Timetravelturtle - Pakistan

I love to think when I am out in nature. Often I find myself alone in these situations and, as I enjoy the landscapes around me, I let my mind wander. I find myself doing a lot of thinking on New Zealand’s South Island.

It’s a relatively small island and you can drive easily between different parts. And it is worth moving around because there’s a lot of diversity – glaciers, mountains, beaches, forests, lakes. Each of them has opportunities to be active. I tend to spend most of my days in New Zealand hiking.

If you like some independence, it could be worth hiring a van you can also use for sleeping and you can camp and make you own food along the way. The South Island is busy so there are always people to meet – but it never feels too crowded.



Mikesroadtrip - Pakistan

Over the past six plus years as a solo professional travel blogger, I have discovered some places easier than others when traveling alone. Personally, I don’t find it difficult, dangerous or lonely traveling solo, but rather a free and self-reflecting experience. Don’t get me wrong, it’s always nice to have someone special to share the experience with, however 90% of my travel (even before I was a travel blogger) has been solo. Here are some of my favorite places to travel alone…

The Czech Republic is one of my favorite countries in Europe and the city of Prague is one of the easiest, safest and most affordable for tourists. While there is a whole lot more of the country to explore, most everyone in Prague speaks English quite well and there is no shortage of things to see and do.

Victoria, Canada is has a stunning and walkable downtown set amongst a beautiful inner harbor. The town is easy to navigate and they even have free tourist buses that will take visitors to attraction such as the Butchart Gardens. Talented street performers are almost as prevalent as the floral displays hanging from the street lights.

Chiang Mai is a slow paced mountainous city in northern Thailand dating back to 1296.  It’s very affordable and violent crime is uncommon despite being the second largest city in the country. Chiang Mai is a place to relax after being in the chaos of Bangkok. There are many temples to explore and get one with oneself.

Venice, Italy is a place to have fun getting lost around each bend in the alleyway. While it’s easy to get lost, it’s a small island and you’re never far away. The romance, architecture, to the food and culture is fantastic. Everywhere you turn there is an amazing photo opp.

Phoenix/Scottsdale is laid out in a grid, so it’s very easy to find your way around this massive metropolis. The southwestern landscape is so unique it’s like nothing else you’ll see around the world.  The food, culture and entertainment scenes are boundless.



Norbert Globotreks - Pakistan

I’d say New Zealand is a perfect place for men traveling alone. Not only is the country stunningly beautiful, but it is also home to most outdoor extreme sports and adventures. A lot of solo male travelers, including me, love to experience the thrill of doing new activities not often found at home and pushing the boundaries of what adventure could be.

New Zealand offer that in almost every city, whether it is with gorgeous hikes on volcanic landscapes, bungee jumping into a river, zorbing down the hills, and more. The travel infrastructure is well developed, so moving around is easy. In addition, Kiwis (as New Zealanders are called), are also very friendly, so it’s easy to make friends as you go.

Ric Gazarian


Rick - Pakistan

Kurdistan, Iraq

When it comes to top travel lists, you will not generally see Iraq noted as a top holiday destinations.  But despite this fact, Iraq, specifically Kurdistan should be considered for your next off-the beaten-path adventure.  Kurdistan is in the northern region of Iraq and is an autonomous area.  And Kurdistan is a safe and stable area of the country, not what you read in the news every day.

The capital of Kurdistan is Erbil, a city that can trace its roots for nearly 7,000 years.  The city of over one million is anchored by the ancient Citadel.  This walled fortress is perched on a hill overlooking Erbil.  And at the bottom is the souk known as the Qaysari Market.  Hundreds of shopkeepers make their home here.  And this is the perfect spot to while away the afternoon.  Delicious kebab and falafel stands populate the souk.  Fill up on fresh and salty pistachios while you sip sweet tea with the friendly locals.

So, don’t believe in the stereotypes and check out Kurdistan.  I spent five days here alone, exploring this great part of the world.

Shane Dallas


Shane Dallas - TheTravelCamel - Pakistan

The entire world is suited to travelling solo, but some places more than others. Those with the friendliest welcome are better for solo travel as one never gets a chance to be alone for long. The friendliest region in the world is the Middle East, so most of my choices are from this area. Kurdistan (Kurdish Region of Iraq) is the most hospitable place I’ve ever visited – it can be almost overwhelming at times, though Iran with all its majestic attractions is a strong challenger. Jordan is another country where hospitality can be found if you decide to immerse yourself in the environment.

Heading into Africa, go to Somaliland (a self-declared country from Somaila) as it is the friendliest place I’ve visited in Africa. But be aware, as the country doesn’t see many tourists, you will be a tourist attraction – so get ready to receive a lot of attention! It’s neighbour, Ethiopia, is another place where being a solo male traveller is a real joy as you explore the incredible richness of Ethiopian culture and history.

Heading into South-East Asia brings me to the final two choices. Indonesia is a land filled with welcomes and beautiful islands, and it also has one of the finest cuisines in the world. India in an incredible destination that has so much to offer the solo traveller. Just ensure you bring in some knowledge of cricket, and you’ll have a great time.

Stephen Schreck


Stephen Schreck - ABackpackersTale - Pakistan


If it is your first time traveling solo than Europe is always a good option. Europe is easy to get around or find someone who speaks English to help you. It also offers a large variety of cultures in a small area. Hop on the train for a few hours and the landscape, language, food, and history change entirely. This makes Europe one of the most culturally diverse places on the planet, and the main reason why I have fallen in love with the continent.

Now, Europe to huge to cover in one trip, so my favorite countries to suggest to people are Italy, Croatia, and France. They are some of the most amazing destinations in Europe.



Will - thebrokebackpacker - Pakistan

Venezuela: The cheapest country in the world and a mecca for adventure backpackers…. Packed to bursting with stunning beaches, steaming jungles, tremendous tepuis and fun-loving locals. The country has a bit of a bad name and, sometimes, is not the safest place to travel but for an experienced traveler; it’s the ultimate adventure destination.

Mt. Roraima, the highest table top mountain in the world, is a must for visitors; it’s a tough five day trek through steaming jungle to hit the top but the sweeping views are well worth it… In Venezuela, due to the rampant inflation, you can get about twenty beers for a dollar; so it’s easy to party every day. For a trip with a distance, consider Venezuela, chances are you will be the only foreigner there…

These were the valuable opinions shared by some of the great travel bloggers from around the world.

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