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Pakistan is famous for several natures beauty and adventure. . Be it the historical location or the stunning sights , Pakistan has got it all. The variety of landscapes that can be seen in various parts of Pakistan from the world’s highest mountain ranges in the North to the wide yet deep coastal line in the South, it continues to  allure tourists from all over the world .

When people see the natural beauty of the various landscapes and get entranced by it, they think that there can be nothing more spectacular than these picturesque views. However, nature proves them wrong. Beneath these landscapes , lies a completely different world that encompasses beauty in a rare form.

This hidden world is full of natural extravaganza that are essential for human life. Among these various natural resources, there are gems and stones which are not only used as ornaments but have other purposes as well. Pakistan is among those few countries that are also rich in natural resources  which are not only rare but exquisite as well. To provide a glimpse of the various gems and stones that are hidden beneath the surface, Jovago Pakistan brings you an insights.

  • Emerald


The green colored gem, with hues of yellow and blue, entrances offer  exquisite beauty. The best-known emeralds, which are in a transparent, sea-green color, are mostly extracted in Mingora which is the largest city in Swat District. Emeralds deposits are also found in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

  • Topaz

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Topaz is famous for the different colors that can be seen in different crystal directions., The most favored topaz is one which is step cut and is only found in Pakistan. The gemstone is found in Chitral, Gilgit Agency and Kalam.

  • Aquamarine


The transparent gem which ranges from sky blue to sea green in color belongs to the beryl group of stones. The stone is always step cut to enhance its beauty. Aquamarine deposits can be found in the Shigar valley, Chitral, Kaghan and Neelum valley.

  • Ruby


The red colored stone is very popular when it comes to its usage in the ornaments. As the deposits of ruby are found in rugged land, it is quite difficult to mine it. Hunza valley is home to the largest ruby deposits in Pakistan. After Burma, the only region in the world to produce ‘Blood Red’ ruby is Hunza valley. The ruby belt in Hunza valley stretches over an area of 100 kilometers.

If you have information on any other stone that is found in Pakistan, then do share it with us in the comments section below.

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