Natural Waterfalls in Pakistan That Will Make You Feel in Awe

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Water is one of the four key elements of life and it is usually associated with  purity, healing and cleansing. This relaxing nature of water is one of the many reasons  why we get a sense of serenity whenever we visit a waterbody. These water bodies can be in the form of glaciers, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, sea etc.

Among the various natural wonders that Pakistan possesses, breathtaking waterfalls also make it up to the list. These waterfalls are found in remote locations and are surrounded by lush greenery and rugged cliffs. Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of 4 natural waterfalls in Pakistan that will make you feel in awe with God’s creation.

  1. Sajjikot Waterfall


The breathtaking of not only one but two waterfalls is rather alluring. These twin waterfalls are located at an approximate distance of 24 kilometers from Havelian, which is a subdivision of Abbottabad District. The tourist spot does not entertain a lot of tourists, thus providing you with privacy to enjoy your time.

  1. Gulpur Waterfall


Near the town of Gulpur which is located in the Azad Kashmir’s Kotli District, is the beautiful Gulpur Waterfall which is a true gem of the area. This waterfall is a must visit for all those traveling in the Northern Areas. Despite the short height of the waterfall, the view of water falling from the rocky top is breathtaking.

  1.   Pir Ghaib Waterfall


In the largest province of Pakistan, Pir Ghaib Waterfall is located in the Bolan Valley which is about 70 kilometers from the provincial capital. It also has two waterfalls which flow into a large pool of water which is crystal blue in color.

  1.   Farphu Waterfall

One of the tallest  waterfalls in Pakistan, Farphu waterfall provides a mesmerizing view to its beholders. It is located in the lush Bagrote valley in Karakoram Mountain Ranges. The harsh conditions in the winter season make the mountain range inaccessible. Therefore, it is recommended to visit this spectacular waterfall in the summer season.

If you have visited any other waterfalls in Pakistan that provided an alluring sight, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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