MURREE: Explore Pakistan’s Beautiful Hill Station

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Murree, which means “high place” is one of Pakistan’s most popular hill stations. It is a part of the Margalla hills and located in the outer Himalayas retaining its high altitude. Surrounded by lush green trees, Murree is a tourist destination throughout the year because of its scenic, relaxing atmosphere, and proximity to Islamabad.


During the summer season when all of Pakistan is suffering through the heat wave, people generally tend to travel to Murree for even just a day but to get a cooling atmosphere. One of the most appealing factors of Murree is that there is a lot to do there in addition to just relaxing.

Jovago’s Top 3

Patriata is a hill station located 15km South-east of Murree hill. It is famous for its chair lifts which runs for 7kms and runs over many eye-catching, scenic regions and provides people with a birds-eye view of Kashmir green hills.


Sozo Water Park
Sozo Water Park_Murree_Jovago Pakistan
Sozo Water Park located in Murree is an amusement park with plenty of rides as well as a haunted house. The park takes pride in being the first ever and largest water-park in Pakistan. The water park has a standalone water filtration and chemical treatment to make sure the people play in a safe and clean environment free from dirt and germs.


Ayubia Track
Ayubia track is also known as “Pipe Line Track”, and was built to supply water to Murree in 1930. The track is 4 km long and cuts through the middle of a mountain where you can view the beautiful raising mountains, listen to the flowing rivers and chirping birds. If you are lucky you may also run into monkeys!



Most of the best restaurant’s are located along a very famous road, called Mall road. This area is chaotic and always  bustling with activity. Espresso coffee, fries, and ice cream cones are a specialty of Murree and must haves!

Mall road is famous for its shopping as well. There are many small gift and ethnic items one can find here, which may sometimes be overpriced.

From low to high budget, Murree has them all. The higher budget ones are usually located close to Mall road or on the outskirts of Murree where it is more peaceful and quiet. You can find the best hotels in Murree on

Murree is considerably safe but it is best to dress modestly. Women must cover their shoulders and knees, and couples should avoid public displays of affection. It is safe to walk around during the daytime, and shops usually close down well into the night.

Money: Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa; MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM
Main Airport: Benazir Bhutto International Airport, 63.9km from Murree
Exchange Rate:
Country Code: +92593
Visa Requirements:



Bacha Gari 

Bacha Gari_Murree_Jovago_PakistanSince Mall Road is always bustling with traffic, locals have started providing an alternative way of travel! Following the same concept as a push-cart, this method of transportation is very famous in Murree!


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