Mouth Watery Street Foods to Try While Traveling to Pakistan (If You Dare!)

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When the word ‘travel’ comes to one’s mind, exploration is a must! This exploration can be of tourist attractions, culture, and heritage.

The common ground for all these terminologies is food which speaks volumes about people’s behavior and lifestyle. So, without having a taste of the local delicacies that a place has to offer one cannot simply say that they have explored a place.

Whilst people enjoy refined cuisines that restaurants have to offer, it is often the street food that speaks a lot about the heritage of that area.

Jovago Pakistan has compiled a list of mouth watering, finger licking street foods that you must have if you are traveling in Pakistan.

Pani Puri

paani puri

Ever heard the song ‘gol gappay wala aya’? Despite the two extremes of the answer, you must try these small vessels filled with nothing but goodness.

Known as Gol Gappay on the other side of the border, these round, crispy papri cups filled with boiled chickpeas and dipped in spicy tamarind( imli) water are an undying favorite among the young and the old alike.


bun kabab

This street food, which is more of a sandwich, finds its origin from Lahore.

There are a lot of varieties of this yummy delight  including  anday wala bun kabab, daal bun kabab, and aloo wala bun kabab. If you are traveling to Karachi, you should try eating the bun kababs that are available at Burns Road.

Bhel Puri


A savory snack made out of puffy rice,chopped vegetables and a hearty dressing of tangy tamarind sauce. Although bhel puri is served in hearty portions, it is low in fat and so one can enjoy a delicious snack without worrying about gaining calories.

Chana Chaat

chanaa chaat

A mixture of boiled chickpeas and potatoes drizzled with a generous filling of yogurt and tamarind sauce, Chana chaat is a popular street food among Pakistanis. It is a must have if you are traveling in Pakistan.

Dahi Baray


Dahi Baray/Balla is a gooey deliciousness that comes together when yogurt is combined with pakoras (fritters). Another version of this street food has boiled chickpeas and potatoes in it.

French Fries

french fries

This snack,which needs no introduction, is quite popular among Pakistanis these days. You can find street vendors selling this fried goodness made out of potatoes almost anywhere.

If you have any other mouth-watering street food which is simply irresistible please share it with us in the comment section below.

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