Makli Hills – An Astonishingly Beautiful Historic Mystery of Pakistan

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Pakistan is a country which is not only known for its rare natural beauty but also known for the rich history that it possesses. The rich history is depicted by the various parts of culture including the architecture, traditions, food etc.

Various sites which have served as the home for different civilizations and are thereby, of great historical importance can be seen in Pakistan. Makli hills are one of these famous historical sites, which serve as a beautiful and rich reminder of the past. Therefore, Jovago Pakistan has compiled a complete guide about Makli Hills for all those history lovers out there.


Makli Hills are located at one-kilometer distance from the city of Thatta, which was the capital of the Islamic Civilization. The hills are located near the peak of the Indus River’s delta.


The Makli Hills are home to the largest graveyard in the world. Thereby, the place is popularly known as the Makli graveyard or the city of silence. The graveyard is spread over an area of about 16 kilometers and is said to be the resting place of more than a million people including various nobles, saints, scholars, soldiers etc belonging to the different eras.

As the River Indus changed its course over the time, the once fertile land of Makli has now turned into a dry, arid landscape. This is one reason why this historical site has deteriorated over time.

Distinguishing Featuresmakli2

  • The Makli Graveyard is among UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.
  • This necropolis has a unique style of the graves, which are made out of brick or stone. While some of the graves are beautifully decorated with glazed tiles, others are made in a building like structure i.e. one over the other.
  • The tombs of saints are embossed with verses of the Holy Quran, whereas the graves of warriors have carvings of weapons such as dagger and swords.
  • It is the resting ground of people belonging to different eras and different civilizations and so it is of great importance to historians, architects, archaeologists, calligraphists etc.

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