The Local Honeymoon That Will Make You Swoon

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With a blend of traditional romance and natural beauty, Pakistan is ideal for a romantic getaway

There can be no better way to start your newly married life than to explore the world around you in a new light. Absorbing the world’s scenic, historic and cultural beauty with your partner, can set the right mood for romance during the most beautiful phase of the relationship. So for the perfect getaway, you need not look beyond Pakistan.

While there are countless places in Pakistan that can spice things up with cultural and traditional romance, visiting and enjoying all of them would take years of exciting traveling. Therefore, we have combined some of the most moving places into a travel guide for you to choose from and experience a honeymoon worth remembering.


We know you would like to look all fancy for your spouse all the time, so make sure you take the right clothes with you – stuff that looks great and is also best suited for the weather. If you don’t have enough warm clothes and shoes during the winters, you won’t be a very happy person.

The first honeymoon trip on our list of favorites is a trip to the two most historic and scenic cities in Punjab and everything in between. Starting from Lahore, where you should spend a couple of days to experience the city’s beauty, and then driving your way up to Islamabad, with stops at the Katas Temples, the Rohtas and Ramkot Forts would serve as an ideal honeymoon. The trip would consist of experiencing the cultural and historical extravagance of Punjab’s capital city to absorbing the beauty of the nation’s capital. Use your mobile phone to keep track of where you are, Google maps is a life saver.


You absolutely must visit the breathtaking Shalimar gardens of Lahore, as well as the awe-inducing Badshahi mosque, the Shahi Qila and Jahangir’s tomb while you are in Lahore. Experiencing the cultural sites in Lahore should not be sped up rather spread over a few days to make the experience enriching, to say the least. On the drive to Islamabad a stop at the Katas Raj temples is a necessity. The architectural beauty of these temples combined with the beauty of the lake and its surroundings will be a riveting experience, while the historic and cultural significance of these temples would make you swoon. If your hunger for traditional architectural beauty has not been satiated, a pit stop at the beautiful wondrous Rohtas and Ramkot forts, with all their grandeur, is what you need. Since very few places can top the experience of Katas Raj and the forts, Islamabad with its scenic beauty in abundance would serve as the climax of the trip. Islamabad with the Shah Faisal Mosque and Lake View (Rawal Lake) park along with visits to Pir Sohawa and Saidpur village should make the already love-filled air more romantic.


As you embark on this simple yet memorable honeymoon, do carry a camera to capture the moments, unless you feel that your phone is enough and you’re all set to bombard your friends and family with snapstories and instas.

Planning the perfect trip during the wedding frenzy can get a little tedious, but with websites like for hotel booking and for getting travel essentials, preparing for the trip of a lifetime with your significant other is no more than a few clicks away.

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