Lincoln Corner’s Opening at Liaquat Memorial Library

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For all those educational learners out there in Karachi, there is some good news for you. To promote the national libraries and to instill the importance of reading books, Lincoln Corner has once again opened its doors for educational learners at Liaquat Memorial Library. The Corner was previously located at Rangoonwala but was unfortunately closed down for unknown reasons. Offering a children’s space, meeting room, performance area, computer facilities and a wide collection of books, magazines and DVDs, the Karachi Lincoln Corner was recently inaugurated by the US ambassador to Pakistan David Hale, along with Chief minister Qaim Ali Shah.

The corner has been named after the famous US president Abraham Lincoln who according to Hale laid great emphasis on values of equality among people. Claiming it to be a ‘flagship space’, Hale furthermore said “this is a vibrant space, serving not only as a center of learning but also for dialogue and creative thinking, where Karachiites can contribute through interaction.’

The corner is a step towards strengthening ties between Pakistan and US as it promotes constructive learning of US education, lifestyle and activities. The US has already invested in educational opportunities for youth through Fulbright Scholarship as around 150 Pakistani students will be travelling to US this year to pursue their postgraduate degrees and research projects.

Through Lincoln Corner, young students will have access to online resources. The Liaquat library has an inventory of approximately 200,000 books (out of which 10,000 are rare) and it daily caters to the need of around 1000 students. For all those travelers out there, there is a wide collection of books related to travel and tourism.  According to the director of Liaquat Memorial Library Bashir Abroo, 12 out of 25 libraries present in Sindh are actively promoting educational needs of youth. The Director furthermore urged the dire need to promote reading habits among the youth, who prefer taking notes from their own books rather than using reference books from libraries.

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