Lahore: Home to Pakistani Disneyland

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Lahore, a metropolitan city of Pakistan, is one of the most well developed cities. Being a capital of Punjab, it is the perfect representation of the cultural hub, Punjab. Speaking of developments, Lahore has excelled on infrastructure, roads and new technology. Lahore is the first city to launch the automated Metro Bus service in Pakistan. Lahore is famous for the beautiful sights, legendary monuments and, of course, food.


Lahore has always surprised Pakistanis with introducing new entertainment sites for the people. Lahoris are extremely social people and Pakistanis from the rest of the cities visit Lahore and love the number of entertainments it has to offer. With that being said, we have another surprise news for you.

disney land

The Punjab government has issued a contract with a Golden Bean Group from China for the construction of a hi-tech Amusement Park and Aquarium in Lahore which will have frivolous activities just like Disneyland. The Punjab government has been planning on getting Disneyland to Pakistan for 2 years and they have finally been able to do that. Yes, you got that right! We will soon be having a Pakistani version of Disneyland. If you have been longing to visit Disneyland in any part of the world, but could not, now you can.

lahore disney land

Now lets wait and cross our fingers because we are expecting this to be bigger and safer than any other local theme park.

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