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5th November, 2015, the day that gained immense highlights. This is the day when the city Karachi went live on Snapchat. Pakistanis, especially Karachiites, were in extreme delight as Karachi made it to Snapchat’s live story. Karachiites were informed a day before about this news through snapchat and it was something no one could wait for.


Karachi Snapchat Story_Jovago

Snapchat aims to showcase insights from different cities around the world that come from the very own residents of that particular city. Just like every other city, Karachi gained much popularity through Snapchat’s initiative.


Snapchat Story_KArachi_Jovago

The story was all about things that perfectly define Karachi. The sun shining bright early in the morning, the beauty of the Arabian Sea, the famous monuments like Frere Hall and our founder’s tomb, traditional food and the very special ‘chai’ are some of the various highlights of the story. It proved to the people around the world that Karachi is certainly ‘the city of lights’.


Snapchat Story_Chai_Karachi_Jovago

As much as we enjoy visiting other cities from all over the world virtually(thanks to Snapchat), we are sure the rest of the world had a great virtual tour of our beautiful. The Karachiites participated actively in sending in their stories to be featured on the live story. Snapchat could not feature each one of them for apparent reasons, but we hope that Snapchat comes back to our country and the world gets to explore the truer Pakistan.


Snapchat Story_Karachi_jovago

Social media is a key part of today’s era and absolutely anything can be conveniently passed on for the rest of the world to see. We should get inspirations from Snapchat’s initiative that wants to promote the goodness of the world. As Pakistanis, we must take the responsibility of representing the bright side of our country and be optimistic about it.



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