Kaghan and Naran in Four Days

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For those of you who have the opportunity to visit the gorgeous Kaghan valley and Naran, these are the spots you must visit to ensure the most pleasurable trip. Kaghan valley is at its best to visit July through September and for the best rates as hotels such as Hotel de Manchi and Parhena Cottages visit Jovago.net


Day 1


  1. Lake Saif-ul-Muluk
    This is the region’s main attraction (located 10km from Naran) and can be reached by jeep, a horse-ride or an 8km hike up a trail for those who wish. At a height of 10500 feet from sea level, surrounded by snow-clad mountains and crowned by the Malika Parbat summit, Saif-ul-Muluk is best to visit in June.Saif Al Mulook_Jovago Pakistan

    ©Syed Mehdi Bukhari


  2. Trekking
    Lake saif-ul-Muluk is also a famous trekking location due to the crystal waters and picturesque views and it would be worth the wait to stay and watch the sunset there.Lake Saif-ul-Malook_Jovago_blog


  1. Shopping
    The evenings and nights in Kaghan can be spent exploring the shopping districts all over the valley and buying handicraft products conducive to the region such as woolen shawls, rugs, and handmade jewelry and souvenirs. Products here are distinctive and reasonably priced, it is a unique shopping experience.Market_Kaghan_Jovago Pakistan


Day 2


  1. Shogran
    Shogran (34 km from Balakot) is a green plateau in the Kaghan valley about 8000 feet above sea level famous for its view. The ideal season to visit Shogran is summer, like the rest of the valley, since it is most accessible then.Shogran-Naran-Valley_Jovago Pakistan
  1. Kawai Village
    On the way to Shogran if you set out early you could enjoy a meal at the famous village Kawai situated at a waterfall.Kawai Village_Jovago Blog

    ©Khurram Shakeeb


  2. Sari Payee
    Shogran connects to many beautiful places like Sari Payee (to which you can trek for 2 hours or take a jeep) and even from the lush lawns of the Forest Rest House at Shogran Sari Payee Lake is visible if you do not wish to trek.Siri Paye_Jovago Pakistan


Day 3


  1. Lulusar Lake and Dudipatsar lake and Lulusar Dudipatsar National Park
    Most people visiting this region do not venture beyond the Saif-ul-Muluk lake, but there a number of other lakes to see such as the Dudipatsar lake called the White Lake,though it melts from July to September. Another beautiful lake is the largest lake Lulusar which mirrors surrounding mountains. At the site of these two a national park exists in which you can stroll while enjoying the view.Dudipatsar-lake_Jovago Pakistan


  1. Babusar top-highest point in the valley
    The Babusar pass and top are 125km from Shogran and travel time is just under two hours, and the drive is extremely beautiful.You can stop on the way to visit the two beautiful lakes and national park.Babusar_Top_Jovago_Blog
  1. Noori top and Neelum valley
    Those who want to drive further can visit Noori top (only 26km from Babusar) and Neelum valley in Kashmir encountering valleys, gorges, glaciers and streams on the way.Noori Nar_Noori Top_Jovago


Day 4


  1. Lalazar
    Lalazar (about a 1 and a half hour drive from Naran) is a picturesque plateau at a 3200m elevation. It is the habitat of thick forests of pine and fir and wild flowers. Due to its beauty it is a popular camping spot. On a clear day, “Falak Sonia” peak associated with famous fairytales can be seen.Lalazar_Naran_Valley_Jovago Pakistan
  1. Kunhar River 

    The mountain roads leading up to Lalazar have the Kunhar river on one side, famous for its hydro power generation. Kunhar river flows through the center of the Kaghan valley and it is possible to raft here.Kunhar River_Jovago Pakistan

  1. Trout fishing
    The Kunhar River is famous for brown trout and Rainbow trout, although a fishing permit is needed to fish which can be received at the Fisheries department in Naran.Trout Fishing_Naran_Jovago Pakistan



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