Jovago Pakistan Lists Down Some Best Hotels In Pakistan For Foreigners

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It is said that tourism is one of the most important sectors that fuels any country’s economic pipeline. For example, economies like Switzerland, Iceland,Mauritius, Maldives are heavily reliant upon their tourism sector.

According to World Tourism Organisation, tourism ranks third after fuels and chemicals and ahead of food and automotive products in the export category. Furthermore, according to the organization’s long-term forecast report,the international tourist arrivals are expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030.

In Pakistan, the tourism sector has also boosted in the past few years. The reasons behind this improvement can be attributed to the better law and order situation, increased inbound tourism etc.

According to the Pakistani hospitality industry experts, the country possesses a lot of potential for tourism. This is because of the unique natural beauty that Pakistan  is blessed with.

To promote tourism and to portray a positive image of the country, the hospitality industry is trying its level best to create awareness among people.

In this regard, the emerging e-commerce industry is also playing its role in increasing inbound tourism. Internet-based startups such as Jovago Pakistan are growing steadily and are making every possible attempt to nurture the local tourism of Pakistan.

When talking about the hospitality industry of Pakistan, there are leading hotel chains with operations in various tourist destinations that are attracting both local and international tourists. If you are someone who is looking for best hotels to reside at while traveling, then this article by Pakistan’s best online hotel booking website will be beneficial for you.

Here is a list of the best hotels for both locals and foreigners to respite at while traveling in Pakistan.

  • Falleti’s Hotel Lahore

Located in the city which is referred to as the heart of Pakistan, this hotel is the oldest hotel opened in the colonic period.

More commonly known as The Faletti’s, this hotel was opened in 1880 and is within a short distance to the major attractions of the city. It was recently renovated adding a touch of modernity to the colonial architecture and is fully equipped with business facilities and restaurants.

  • Serena Shigar Fort Hotel Skardu

This hotel stands high and mighty in the majestic city of Skardu which itself  is one of the most popular tourist spots in Gilgit-Baltistan.

Although originally built as a fort in the 17th century, Shigar Fort Hotel was converted into a luxury hotel by the Serena Group. Two recently built facilities have been added to the complex, making this grandeur property a must visit.

Selected carving made out of wood and other heritage objects are an important part of this guest house hotel.

  • Eagles Nest Hotel Hunza

In the beautiful mountain valley of Hunza, lies the Eagles Nest Hotel on a mountain that provides a spectacular view of the valley. Initially starting off in 1994 as a  campsite and later on emerging as a full-fledged hotel, it provides lodging facilities that suits every budget.

Eagles Nest Hotel Hunza

The management of the family-owned hotel argues that the hotel has the world’s best mountain sight offered by any hotel.

If you are traveling to this extreme north of Pakistan to enjoy festivals such as Jashan-e-Baharan (Spring welcoming festival) then staying at the Eagles Nest Hotel is a must.

  • PC Muzaffarabad Exterior View

Pearl Continental Hotel is a five-star hotel that offers beautiful, unparalleled views of the Kashmir mountains. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that this is one of the best hotels in not only Muzaffarabad but Pakistan as well.

Fully equipped with modern day facilities including spa and fitness center, this property is extremely popular among tourists visiting the high altitude regions of Pakistan.

  • Serena Khaplu Palace

Another palace turned hotel belonging to the Serena Hotel chain that has its international presence as well, this property is also known as Yabgo Khar.  This hotel is situated in the beautiful town of Khaplu.

The enchanting landscape and rich heritage of the area act as magnets that attract explorers, adventurers, nature lovers etc to this unique boutique hotel. The exotic view that Khaplu Palace provides at night is certainly eye capturing.

Another key feature of this place is its location on the route of the world’s greatest junction of three mighty glaciers at Concordia.

  • Avari Towers

Located in the city of lights and former capital of Pakistan-Karachi, Avari Towers Karachi is one of the most prominent hotels in the city.

Avari Hotel Lahore

Equipped with modern day facilities, the hotel is within a close proximity to the popular tourist spots in Karachi. It features many restaurants that offer multi-cuisine dishes that are simply mouth watering.

  • Hotel De Manchi

In the main market place(bazaar) of the beautiful town of Naran lies Hotel De Manchi which is the best luxury hotel in the area.

Each room has its own en-suite bathroom. The hotel serves complimentary breakfast to its guests. Lake Saif ul Mulook is in close proximity to Hotel De Manchi.

Hotel De Manchi Naran

While visiting Naran do not forget to go trout fishing and river rafting, which are among the most popular tourist activities.

  • Serena Hotel Islamabad

At the foot of beautiful Margalla Hills lies this modern yet bewitching masterpiece. This hotel is surrounded by a number of important buildings including Convention avenue and Diplomatic Enclave.

Serena Hotel’s guests include foreign dignitaries, bureaucrats etc. The hotel is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to cater to the needs of its prestigious guests.

Serena hotel islamabad

The hotel’s restaurants offer a wide range of mouth-watering cuisines. A spectacular view of the Rawal Lake can be seen from this hotel.

  • Dreamworld Karachi

Dream world resort in Karachi is one of the best hotels in Pakistan. The best part about dreamworld other than the resort, hotel, they also offer a Gold course which doubles the stay.

Dream World Karachi

Readers may find it interesting that recently the Dreamworld Karachi room rates reduced significantly.  It is a perfect relaxation and recreational spot and should be on top of the list if foreigners intend to enjoy their stay in a hotel.    


These hotels are a depiction of some of the exquisite pieces of architecture that Pakistan possesses. These beautiful buildings contribute significantly to tourism and speak volumes about the rich heritage of the country.

Pakistan due to its strategic location is blessed with natural beauty. In the recent years, inbound tourism has increased in the country and for that, we would like to appreciate the rigorous efforts made by the hospitality industry despite the various challenges which it faces.

We hope that the tourism sector flourishes in Pakistan and that it contributes positively to the country’s economy.

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