Jovago Lists 7 Most Adventurous Bridges of Pakistan

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Where people from all over the world go to places where they find adventures and to indulge in activities that gets their blood pumping, people of Pakistan don’t necessarily have to go abroad.

All they need is travel to the northern areas of Pakistan and they can find numerous places that will give them the adrenaline rush that people get through activities like skiing or maybe paragliding.

One such activity or rather a daily routine that Pakistanis in the north go through is crossing a bridge. Weird, right? Well, Pakistan is the home to a lot of bridges where some of them qualify as some of the world’s most dangerous bridges. Here is a list of some bridges.

  1. Husseini Hanging Bridge

Back in the 70s when the only mode of travelling was by foot and jets and planes were reserved for the elite, the only way for people to get from one place to another was to build bridges.

Hussaini Hanging Bridge

Located in the northern region, this bridge crosses the Borit Lake in the upper Hunza. Made of wooden planks and ropes, placed far apart making it one of the most dangerous bridges in the world.

  1. Tarzan Bridge

The name itself gives us Goosebumps. Located in the Naran area, this bridge crosses the Kunhar Lake and qualifies as one of the most adventurous bridge. Word of advice? Don’t look down while crossing.

Tarzan Bridge Naran

  1. Deosai Bridge

Located in the Gilgit Baltistan district, Deosai Lake leads to the Deosai national park in Skardu. It is a sight for sore eyes and is one of the most beautiful bridges of Pakistan.

Deosai Bridge Skardu

Since Deosai is known as the peak of the world, the fact that the bridge is located in that plateau adds to the adventure itself.

  1. Sialkot Bridge

This may not be located in the northern area amidst of the lakes and the mountains, but this bridge is no less terrifying or adventurous. It is famously known for its fog. Confused? Try crossing the bridge when you can’t see two feet in front of you. Scary? Well, brace yourself.

Sialkot Bridge Pakistan

  1. Ishkoman Bridge

Do the clear blue sky and the crystal blue water sound appealing to you? Ishkoman Bridge is famously known for being the bridge to paradise. And like they say, the road to paradise is no easy, neither is this bridge.

Located in the Ghizer Valley in Pakistan, this bridge is located in one if the most breathtaking valleys of Pakistan. A place fit for adventure-seeking people.

Ishkoman bridge Pakistan

  1. Hanging Bridge- Indus River

Now this is a beauty in itself. A scary and terrifying bridge, this is located near Skardu. To cross this bridge, one not only has to be adventurous but needs to have a strong heart and strength to face such a scary sight.

Hanging bridge Indus Skardu

  1. Alam bridge

Connecting Baltistan to Gilgit, this bridge is and has never been deemed safe for travel, yet the adrenaline junkies in Pakistan and from abroad considers being one of the most adventurous bridges of Pakistan. Fun fact (NOT!): this bridge is known to have collapsed in 2014.

Alam bridge - Pakistan

While there are many other bridges that qualify as some of the most adventurous bridges in Pakistan, these seven bridges qualify to the top.

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