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Pakistan Resolution Day, also known as Pakistan Day, which took place on 23rd March 1940, is celebrated every year as a national holiday in Pakistan to commemorate the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan, the declaration of Pakistan as a republic.

Yearly, there are many different events and activities that take place on this day all around Pakistan. The best part of 23rd March is it’s a public holiday which means time to relax, sit back and enjoy! This year, (luckily) 23rd March is on Monday which means…we have a long weekend! What does one like doing on a long weekend? TRAVEL! Therefore, this year between 17th and 23rd March Jovago is giving out a 23% discount voucher on all hotels available on

On 23rd March there is a full military and civilian parade that takes part in the capital.  In Karachi and Lahore there are parades as well as flag hosting ceremonies, but the ones held in Islamabad are grand. They start early in teh morning and are closely administered by the President of Pakistan. After the parade, the President hosts a national awards and medals ceremony after which wreaths are laid at the mosques of our founder, Muhmmad Ali Jinnah and Muhummad Iqbal, an influential figure who is said to have inspired the Pakistan Movement.

For the last 6 consecutive years the joint military parade has been cancelled due to security reasons. The troops are deployed on the borders and therefore they were unable to leave their posts to come celebrate. However, this year after 6 consecutive cancellations there will be a military parade which is expected to take place in full glory – a legitimate reason to visit Islamabad for the long weekend.

The decision to host the parade this year is to show solidarity with the young children who were attacked, killed and injured in the Army Public School in Peshawar last year. The parade will be organized by joint staff headquarters in Rawalpindi, which is Islamabad’s neighbor city, and we may have a visitor, Chinese President Xi Jinping. In order to make this year’s event even better and bigger than previous years there will be contingents of the Pakistan army, navy and air force whom are expected to arrive in Islamabad for the parade.

If you decide to travel to Islamabad his weekend, there are many other things to do besides just the parade. Islamabad, the home to ex-pats and the capital of Pakistan is a very peaceful city with Murree just a 45 minute drive away. From rock climbing to trekking to delicious restaurants to watching movies to shopping – all can be done while being in Islamabad. In fact right now is the best time to visit, when the sun is shining but it’s still cold – well cold for Pakistani standards.

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