Hotel One Chain Pakistan – One of the Perfect Venues for Your Stay While Traveling.

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As the world became a global village allowing greater connectivity to people and businesses, various industries have experienced growth and a considerable increment in their customer base.

One such industry is the hotel industry which is going through a revolution because of various reasons. Over the past few years, this industry has seen growth despite the world economy going into recession. This is because people who travel to different places for various reasons, including relaxing, exploring and conducting business, need a place to sleep and rest. This is where the hotel businesses come into play.

Due to the positive outlook of this industry, investors are keen to invest in the hotel industry. One such example is of Pakistan, where a number of hotels chains opened their branches in various cities. The reasons behind this influx of foreign investment include the ongoing CPEC mega project and the improving security conditions of the country.

Among the list of the rapidly growing express chain of hotels in Pakistan, Hotel One Chain Private Limited is one of its kind to enter a person’s mind. Since its inception in 2008, the hotel chain has quickly become famous for its best quality services, which is one of the core aims of any hotel business as the customer experience revolves around the quality of services provided.

With its presence in various metropolitan cities across the country, Hotel One Private Limited is backed by the Pearl continental hotel and Hashoo Group of Companies. The Hotel One Private Limited has opened its branches in some of the famous destinations in the country which attract a large influx of travelers.

In order to achieve its vision to become a highly recognized brand across Pakistan and to be respected for its quality and service excellence, this famous hotel chain has opened its branches in the following areas:

  • Skardu

The sheer beauty of the town of Skardu, which is the capital of the Skardu district, is what compels tourists to visit the area. With diverse variations in its topography including mighty mountains peaks, cold desert, and lush green pasturelands, Skardu is an epitome of beauty, serenity, and wilderness.

Hotel One Skardu

Seeing the diversity in the Mother Nature’s offerings, Hotel One Skardu was opened in this extreme northern part of the country to provide quality service to the travelers who are visiting the area. The hotel is located at a small distance of approximately 1 kilometer from the Skardu airport.

  • Karachi

The largest city of Pakistan is Karachi which is also the hub of economic activity in the country. As it is one of the best destination for business travelers, the Hotel One chain has opened their branch in Karachi as well. The branch is well known as Hotel One Karachi.

Hotel One Karachi

It has all the modern day facilities including a conference room and banquet facility, clients can conduct business meetings and informal gatherings with elegance and style. It is located at a distance of 24 kilometers from Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport.

  •  Murree

Often referred to as the ‘Queen of hills’, Murree is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country. This hill station is brimming with tourists throughout the year, particularly in the summer and winter season. Seeing the large influx of tourists that Murree attracts, Hotel One Murree was opened on the Bhurban road to facilitate the tourists from all over the world.

Hotel One Murree

It is only within a short distance of 8 kilometers only from the district. The specialty of this branch of Hotel One lies in the fact that all of its rooms are facing towards the valley; offering picturesque views to the guests.

  • Multan

Often called the land of Sufis, Multan attracts a large number of tourists because of various reasons. People visit the city for not only religious purposes but also to conduct business.

Hotel One Multan

Located at a distance of 4 kilometers from the airport, the Hotel One Multan branch serves visitors people belonging to various walks of life. The other branch of the chain is situated in the Tariq Road area of Multan.

  • Lahore

Considered to be the cultural hub of Pakistan, Lahore is one of the top three travel destinations in the country. Whether it is the food or the architecture or the lively people, a person’s trip to Pakistan would be incomplete without a visit to Lahore.

Hotel One Lahore

To help people reside in a comfortable environment, Hotel One Lahore opened three branches in such a strategic manner that it is at equal distant from all the major attractions of the city. The popular branches in Lahore are:

A drive from the airport will take approximately 20 minutes while the distance from Daewoo’s stop can be covered in 10 minutes approximately.

  • Rahim Yar Khan

The largest Province of Pakistan, Punjab, is home to the city of Rahim Yar Khan which is famous for mangoes and hunting animals. The city receives a large number of tourists, particularly the Sheikhs from the Middle East, who visit the city in order to hunt birds and animals.

Hotel One Rahimyar Khan

The Hotel One chain has constructed a state of the art building in Rahim Yar Khan to facilitate the tourists who are visiting the city. Amongst it, various offerings, the Executive rooms, deluxe rooms, and suites are very popular among business executives and private travelers because of their exquisite designs. Hotel One Rahim Yar Khan is situated at a mere distance of 4 kilometers from the Sheikh Zaid Airport.

  • Abbottabad

Located in the Hazara division of the KPK province, the city of Abbottabad is famous for being the gateway to three of the world’s highest mountain ranges. Due to its pleasant weather, enthralling views, shady gardens, church bells and wide streets in the Old Cantonment, Abbottabad is visited by a large number of tourists each year.

Hotel One Abbottabad

As the Hotel One Abbottabad branch is situated on the Mansehra road, which is considered to be the heart of Abbottabad, it serves as a transit point for tourists who are visiting the other popular tourist destination including Nathia Gali, Ayubia, and Naran.

  • Faisalabad

Famous because of its textile industry, Faisalabad is one of the major cities in the province of Punjab. Located in the center of the city, which is also the most popular area, Hotel One Faisalabad is in close vicinity to all the major attractions. Under one roof, the chain offers capsule lifts, in-house cinema, and delicious food.

Hotel One Faisalabad

The hotel has various flagship branches which offer a completely relaxing and enthralling experience with the high-quality services that it offers. While visiting these destinations, do make sure to reside in Hotel One during your stay to make memories that you can later cherish upon.



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