A Guide for Hotels with Low Marketing Budgets to Work Better Online

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Marketing is a very important aspect if you want to survive in today’s time. Digital media is on the rise when it comes to promoting a particular service, in the hospitality industry there is a lot of lack of awareness in terms of having people acknowledge the ample amount of facilities and amenities they can avail.

Our people look for economical options, they have a particular mindset that needs to change.

The conventional thinking that has led people believing that there is a lot of scams that is being promoted online, that the brands are using fraudulent ways of promoting the services they want to offer by showcasing and exaggerating the goods and services that are to be offered.

However, there are a lot of services that can easily be availed, keeping in mind the economical aspect, Pakistani’s emphasize on when it comes to booking their choice of hotel.

According to e-marketer, the users online will grow significantly in the coming 5 years due to the excess utilization of smartphones, tablets, and internet in general.

Digital media has been overtaking television since the last decade, that too significantly.

There is a lot of spending going on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, where monetization of advertisement and is being done aggressively in order to get the message through to the targeted and potential audience.

Instead, what budget friendly hotels, especially in small cities like hotels in Sahiwal, or hotels in Hyderabad can do is to indulge in more cost-effective ways to promote their brands and services that are to be offered to their customers considering online platforms.

Some of Pakistan’s best hotels that offer a variety of amenities and range of rooms, usually lack a proper marketing platform due to having a low or no marketing budget.

It may not be convenient to get into paid advertisement but these big platforms can be utilized in a more civilized and convenient way.

Jovago Pakistan

A few steps that you need to take care of when it comes to efficient and effective budget-friendly online promotional strategies for your small hotel:

  • Utilize content marketing to your advantage! To get the best content for your website/blog/articles you need to be up-to-date regarding the current happenings. Look for hotel discounts, seasonal deals, the range of amenities, new promotional strategies that hotels are offering. Make use of this collective information and incorporate in our articles.
  • With blogging, the way you communicate matters as well. You don’t want to come out as being creepy or annoying when it comes to sharing relevant information with like-minded individuals on their blogs and online platforms. Remember networking is a key! You can’t expect to get engagement on your blogs if you don’t build engagement with other blogs and individuals. WordPress and BlogSpot are free and are regarded genuine as well, they have over a million users that read a significant percentage of blogs every day.
  • Choose the perfect titles, taglines, and descriptions! A lethal combination of the relevant yet perfect information is going to help your brand reach new heights!
  • Look for websites that offer free analytics that allow you to know what’s working and what is not. SEO Optimization is gradually gaining a lot of recognition considering E-businesses! And this is perfect for small hotels wanting to get noticed! Bring it online! Feature your brand in a way that that targeted and potential audience wants to see it.
  • Use these platforms to gain feedback as well, that way you’ll know what to refrain from and what to promote.
  • SEO analytical tools such as Alexa.com where you can gain a limited yet rational insight on your current standings and allowing you to access the analytics that will help you in better decision making when it comes to online promotional strategies of a particular brand. Use keywords wisely! Google Analytics is also a cost-effective way to get this started.
  • SNS websites such as Facebook can be utilized to create groups for travel enthusiasts or corporate executives that travel on a regular basis, just some of the groups that can be focused on for a start, considering the hotel industry.

These are cost effective digital marketing strategies which provide guests with different accommodations just like in any 5 star hotel in Pakistan.

5 star hotels in Pakistan

So as much as your content needs to stand out, your brand needs to stand out first! In order to build better engagement, create easily understandable and innovative content; a mobile friendly template that would have potential audience engage with your hotels and Facebook pages, create more fans, focus on guest posting once your brand starts picking up, create your desired brand image today!

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