Gifts to Take Back from Hyderabad

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Hyderabad, located in the province of Sindh, is a multi-ethnic city- a home to Sindhi, Muhajirs, Punjabis, Memons and Hindus.

Most often, one finds themselves in Hyderabad, visiting family/friends, or maybe just exploring the city. Coming back, there are a many things Hyderabad is famous for.  

Jovago Pakistan, here has list of things that you should buy as gifts for your family and loved ones:

Chooriyan (Glass bangles)

All over Pakistan, Chooriyan are distributed after being produced in Hyderabad.

hyderabadi bangles - Pakistan

With different colors and designs, these are one of the traditional products that is aligned with the Pakistani culture. Most of the unique designs are only available in Hyderabad, thus, that is one thing you need to buy


Name given to a unique form of block printed piece of cloth that represents the Sindhi Culture. The colors are but not necessarily limited to red, maroon blue-green and black.

Sindhi Ajrak - Pakistan

These are one of the traditional item that identifies one as a Pakistani. Not only can Ajrak be used as a shawl, it can also be used to make shirts, Ghagras and other traditional clothing items.


A famous type of cloth that is produced in Hyderabad. Garbi is used to make bottoms or Shalwar and their colorful patterns and stripes make a traditional dress stand out.

Garbi - Pakistan

This is one thing you can take for your mum or daughter, sister or wife.


Hyderabad is famous for two of its food items. Hyderabad’s rabri is famous all over Pakistan for its unique taste and presentation.

Sold in a matka, this rabri is one of the must takeaway. Travelling in train from Lahore to Karachi? This rabri is available at the Hyderabad station where people buy in large quantities to take back home.

Rabri - Hyderabad Jovago Pakistan

Bombay bakery

Everyone who has heard of Hyderabad, knows about Bombay Bakery, irrespective of the fact as to whether they have been there or not. Bombay bakery is famous for its cakes, makes it one of the things a person has to try when in Hyderabad.

Bombay bakery - Hyderabad Jovago Pakistan

Taking some of these things back home, no matter where it is, is a must. All these products in one way or the other promote the culture of a province and the credibility of the city.

Cheap and easily available with a traditional touch, all these are perfect for a giveaway such as Ajrak,  Rabri and Bombay Bakery cakes while chooriyan and Garbi can be a personal gifts to family members.

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