Generate more profits: Start with Confirmation Emails to Your Guests!

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Upselling and cross-selling being an important aspect of this technique; confirmation emails tend to get your customers being persuaded to make their purchase decisions. Considering the hotel industry in Pakistan, where catering to hospitality is vital for getting more bookings and customer engagement, confirmation emails need to be out of consideration.

In order to implement digital marketing in terms of hotel subscriptions, mailing newsletters to potential and targeted customers, informing them about the current happenings regarding current offers and discounts can be utilized as an advantage rather than treating it as a task.

Confirmation emails ensure that customers are being prioritized, they are being heard and there are additional initiatives being taken to guaranteeing more quality.

It is an integrated function where both marketing and customer service can collaborate in order to come up with better strategies to keep customers engaged and have them indulge in new initiatives that company wants to opt for.

An effective form of communication takes place once there is a steady level of interaction and messages being exchanged amongst the employees and customers. From the employees, the marketing of your hotels and rooms offered and for customers, their feedback.

Avoid using bulk mail, that will eventually and sometimes instantly end up as spam even if it is informative, the information transferred needs to be clear, precise and to the point when considering email marketing.

Bulk Emailing

Email receipts are not the only highlight of confirmation emails, well, they shouldn’t be. Confirmation emails are a source of generating more revenue. In order to get customers, become more engaged with a hotel brand, the obvious thing would be to target the loyal customers. There is little or no importance given to potential customers.

Hotels like Pearl Continental Karachi, PC Hotel Lahore, Luxus Grand Hotel and Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi, which are among the top 4 and 5 star hotels list in Pakistan, don’t compromise on quality, their response rate considering customer feedback is also good but it is usually acquired post-stay of the guests.

Another thing to keep in consideration is order confirmation emails, may sound unimportant and may seem not relevant but customer do expect confirmation of some form after they have made their purchase online, especially for a conventional society such as Pakistan’s people need to be made aware of the basics, be it just confirming their order.

Informing them about their receipts shouldn’t be the only thing that they have to acknowledge, adding features such as new proposals, discounts, pilot testing responses for new services, info-graphics incorporated with marketing current offers, can also be communicated.

In identifying customer attitudes, first, tell them what they need and how they can best utilize the service to their advantage. Confirmation emails can help in identifying proper email receipts that should be preferred.

Enticing content for both visual and text needs to be integrated into confirmation emails in order to generate leads through different online platforms, build better rapport and get support from loyal customers through positive word of mouth.

Newsletters are also a good idea, but traditional approaches shouldn’t be followed instead there need to be more initiatives to build stronger and profitable relationships with partners and potential customers.




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