Fun Facts About Sindh

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1.The capital city of Sindh is Karachi, the commercial hub of Pakistan and one of the largest populated cities in the world.



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2. Sindh is the second largest province in Pakistan, with a population of over 40 million people



3. Sindh acquired it name from the Arabic word for the Indus River, Sindhu. There is an ancient saying “Just as Egypt is the gift of Nile, Sindh is the gift of the Indus”.


Sindhi Culture

© S P Khan

4. The Sindhi culture is embodied by the craftsmanship of its people, and the handicrafts they create. Ever since the Indus Valley Civilization, Sindh has maintained a reputation for producing exquisite textiles, detailed pottery, leatherwork, embroidered carpets etc.


Indus Valley Civilization

5.The Indus Valley Civilization which dates back to 3300 BCE flourished on the basins of the Indus river

Agriculture in Sindh

6.Sindh is an agrarian economy and its principal crops are wheat, rice, cotton, oilseeds, sugarcane, and fruits.


Jinnah International Airport

7.Pakistan’s biggest international airport is situated in Sindh and is widely known as the Qaid-e-Azam International airport.


Shah Jahan Mosque_Thatta_Sindh

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8.Sindh is known as Bab-ul-Islam (Gateway to Islam in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent). At least 80 percent of the Sindhi’s are Muslim!


Sukkar Barrage_Sindh

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Guddu Barrage_Sindh

© Abrar Rafiq


Kotri Barrage_sindh

9. Sindh’s three main barrages are the Sukkur barrage, Kotri barrage, and Guddu barrage


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