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Pakistan is blessed with ancient structures due to a rich history. The country before existence has been ruled by the Mughals, Sikhs and the British. As a result it is a reflection to all those eras in the form of historic buildings. Some of the most amazing ancient forts and castles located in Pakistan are shared below:

  1. Altit Fort

Altit Fort is situated in Karimabad which is a small town in the Hunza Valley, Gilgit, Baltistan. The fort served as a home to the hereditary rulers of the state and dates back to 900 years. This makes it the oldest landmarks in Gilgit-Baltistan.

The Altit Fort was in a difficult condition until it was restored by the Agha Khan Trust with the help of the Norway and Japan Government. The fort was opened as a tourist site for public in 2007.

Altit Fort Jovago Pakistan

  1. Ramkot Fort

Ramkot is a fort situated in Azad Kashmir besides Mangla Dam. The fort can be accessed through a boat and lies 13 Kilometers away from Dina. It also lies at a distance of 79 kilometers by road from Mirpur, Azad Kashmir through Dadyal Village.

Ramkot Fort is situated on the top of a hill in Mirpur. The fort’s age and construction are not known.

Ramkot Fort Jovago Pakistan

  1. Red Fort Muzaffarabad

Red fort is situated in the Muzaffarabad district. The fort is also referred to as the Muzaffarabad fort due to its location.

According to history, the construction of the fort was done by Sultan Muzaffar Khan, founder of the Muzaffarabad city in 1646.

The fort was ignored during the Mughal period in Kashmir since they were interested in Bukhara, Kabul, and Badakhshan. However, it came into limelight during the Durrani ruling period.

The fort also underwent reconstruction under the Dogra ruling period. Both Maharaja Gulab Singh and Ranbir Singh extended the fort for their military and political operations. It is surrounded by River Neelum from three sides.

The fort’s architecture is not only beautiful but is also professionally done.

Red Fort Muzaffarabad Jovago Pakistan

  1. Baghsar Fort

Baghsar Fort is situated on the northern side of Bhimber Village which lies close to Baghsar. Fort lies in the Samahni Valley near the Pakistan-India border. The fort is famous as a burial ground for the Emperor Jahangir’s intestines.

Baghsar Fort Jovago Pakistan

  1. Throtchi Castle

Throtchi Castle was built in 1460 and is located in Throtchi, which lies adjacent to Gulpur. Gulpur is a town in the Kotli District of Azad Kashmir. The town is situated to the southwest of Kotli city at the Kotli-Mirpur and Kotli-Rawalpindi road.

Throtchi Castle Jovago Pakistan

  1. Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort is another fort located in Baltistan.

It is named after the Shigar town and was built by a Raja of Amacha Dynasty in the 17th century.  The fort has been changed into a luxury hotel managed by Serena after renovation.

Shigar Fort

  1. Kohat Fort

Kohat Fort was constructed by the British  government for military use.

It lies on the hilltop where Alexander camped with his army. The fort is now reserved for IXth division of Pakistan Army headquarters. The fort has gone through a lot of renovation.

The entrance tunnel and the surrounding trench are the only parts of the building in original condition.

Kohat Fort Jovago Pakistan

  1. Sadiq Garh Palace

Sadiq Garh Palace is a famous place for its elegance and glory in Pakistan. It is situated in the Bahawalpur District in Punjab, Province. The palace was built in 1882 by the Bahawalpur King, Nawab Sadiq Muhammad Khan (IV).  The palace has a huge surrounding wall with lush green courtyards. In the midst lies a beautiful dome.

Sadiq Garh Palace Jovago Pakistan

  1. Attock Fort

Attock Fort, also known as Attock Qila is situated at a distance of 80 Kms from Islamabad. The fort was built between 1581 and 1583 at the back of Indus River during the regime of Mughal emperor Akbar.

Attock Fort Jovago Pakistan

  1. The Lahore Fort

No list of forts in Pakistan is complete without the iconic Lahore Fort. Also known as Shahi Qila, it is one of the main attractions of Lahore.

Lahore Fort lies to the northwest corner of the Walled Lahore City. The building was constructed during the ruling period of Akbar between 1556-1605. It was maintained regularly by the Mughal, Sikh, and the British rulers during their regimes.

The Lahore Fort

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