Five Craziest Places To Visit in Karachi

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Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. Being the metropolitan hub, it has various towns that cater to different industries, such as Baldia town- home to garment factories, Korangi- home to factories and construction sites. Similarly, there are areas that cater to the tourism and provide the best attractions in the city. Listed below are some of the craziest places a person has to visit in Karachi (different from the common tourist spots) – whether a tourist or a resident of Karachi.

  1. Lyari Town:


Crazy? Definitely. Considered to be one of the most dangerous and politically unstable areas of Karachi, Lyari is still one of the beautiful places in Karachi. Visitors from outside Pakistan, when visiting Lyari make us realize that it is not as dangerous as we deem it to be. Although no positive image is presented, recently the boxer Amir Khan visited Lyari and claimed it to be one of the must places to visit in Karachi.

  1. Do Darya:

do darya

What can be better than sitting near the sea, having the traditional Nan and karhai and BBQ with the water hitting rocks below you, the smell of sea and food and the view all makes the place the BEST place to visit in Karachi. With restaurants like Kolachi, kababjees, Sajjad and many more, you have unlimited choice of where you want to dine. Do Darya is a must place to visit.

  1. Port Grand:

port grand

Built along the waterfront of the 19th century native jetty bridge, Port Grand is one of the best recreational places in Karachi. With a food street at your disposal and a shopping mall where you can shop, Port Grand is the stop where all the major events are celebrated on a grand scale. From concerts and celebrations on the 14th august, to the Defense day celebrations to the new year’s and Christmas, Port Grand is all lit up and ready to provide you with the best possible place to spend your time, with family or friends.

  1. French Beach:


Located halfway between Hawkes Bay and Paradise Point, French Beach also known as Haji Ismiil Goth is mostly and frequently visited by the elites of Karachi. An ideal place for hangouts and spending the day by the clear beach, French place is one of the must visit places of Karachi.

  1.  Devils point:

Devils point


Located in the phase 8 extension of the defense housing society, Devils’ point is informally known as the race track in Karachi where every Sunday people come to either participate in their modified cars or to witness the races. Although a dangerous activity, the thrill of being at the devil’s point makes it a must place to visit.

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  1. Bilal

    June 19, 2017 at 8:49 am

    All the Places which you mention are really good places Safari park is also a good place to visit in Karachi

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