Our Favorite Northern cuisine

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The Northern areas of Pakistan are well-known for their food. With the cool temperatures, it’s enjoyable to eat delicious warm food straight from the stove. Jovago has come up with a list of our top six favorite Northern cuisines.



Firni is a rice pudding that is served in an earthen dish. It is flavored with saffron and garnished with pistachios.


Kulcha breads are a popular breakfast item in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and are usually enjoyed with spicy cholay and a warm cup of tea.
  Chapli Kabab


Chapli Kebabs are delicious deep-fried beef kababs, which are marinated with an exotic blend of spices.

patiyala lassi1

Shomleh is a refreshing yoghurt based drink, infused with mint leaves.
  Kabuli Palao


Kabuli Palao, the delicious northern cuisine, consists of steamed basmati rice, which is fused with fried carrots, nuts and raisins before being topped with lamb, chicken or beef.


Naan is cooked in a Tandoor and made from flour dough; it has a crispy shell and chewy core.

You can find these cuisines in almost all big cities like Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad. But the regions from which these cuisines originate, offer best of all tastes.



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