Jovago Pakistan Organizes Extranet Workshop For Hotels in Karachi

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Recently Jovago Pakistan organized a workshop in Karachi head office. The agenda of the workshop was to educate the onboard hotels in Karachi on “Extranet”.

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Extranet is one of the automation objectives of Jovago which provides multiple benefits to hotel owners and hotel management. The primary objectives of launching Extranet are:


The major benefit of Extranet is to provide convenience to hotel managers of managing the day to day hotel room rate changes by themselves.  This will help the hotels better to price controlling, will reduce the hotel manager’s dependency on Jovago and will smoothen the overall functions.


Updates of room availability is an important part when it comes to hotel booking by guests. The system allows to manage the room availability by hotel managers.


Extranet facilitates regarding reservations. Hotel managers can easily get insights on check-ins and check-outs for any given date, week or month.


Statistics can facilitate in gaining insights of important metrics such as page views of the hotel, conversion rate through Jovago etc.


With help of Extranet, hotel owners and managers can check out the rating given to them their hotel on the basis of multiple criteria such as cleanliness, hospitality services etc.

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Some of the hotels invited in the event are:

Avari Towers Karachi

Beach Luxury Hotel

Dreamworld Pakistan

Hotel Sarawan

Ramada Plaza Karachi

Regent Plaza

Sea Shell Inn

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Jovago Pakistan intends to organize the Extranet workshop in multiple cities in coming days to educate hotel management.

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