Exciting Places Within Pakistan To Travel With Your Kids

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Unlike the solo travel, the expectation to have a perfect and a hassle-free travel increases even more when you are making plans to travel with your family. Pakistan is blessed with many beautiful and culturally rich tourist spots that make perfect destinations to visit with kids, especially during their school vacations. It is always a good idea, to expose the little ones to the places within our country which beautifully depicts its rich culture, heritage and history.

Jovago Pakistan provides a complete list of places that can be ideal travel locations if planning to go on a voyage with your kids.

  1. Shalimar Garden, LahoreShalimar-Garden

The city of gardens, Lahore is known for its historic monuments and beautiful gardens. Shalimar is one of the most historic gardens that this country posses. It was made during the Mughal Era by Emperor Shah Jahan who is recognized for his love for nature and architecture during his reign.

  1. Lahore FortLahore_Fort

Also widely known as the Shahi Qila, this fort is located in the northwest part of Lahore. It is one of the most monumental and historical places that this country has to offer. The fort building reflects a series of monuments from the time of Emperor Akbar to Aurangzeb.

  1. Baltit FortBaltit-Fort-2

This fort is affiliated with the rich history of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. In order to preserve the history of this ancient fort, Aga Khan Trust for Culture renovated this place making it a very attractive tourist spot for all the travelers.

  1. Badshahi Mosquebadshahi-masjid

Beautifully decorated with Islamic calligraphy, Badshahi Mosque is one of the biggest mosques of the world which was built during the Mughal Era. It has a very rich history and is still one of the most attractive tourist spots of the country.

  1. Shandur Topphandar_valley

Shandur Top is known for being the highest polo ground of the world. Every year, a very famous Shandur Polo festival takes place here. People from all over the country attends this event as it takes place in July which is mostly the time of summer vacations making it one of the peak travelling seasons.

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