Dreamworld Karachi Celebrated 14th August 2016

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Dreamworld Karachi is one of the top recreational venues in Karachi.

Recently Dreamworld celebrated the 69th year of independence and the 70th Independence day of Pakistan with usual fervor and enthusiasm.

The event revolved around stage activities, themed food night, colorful stalls, games and ground activities. Many of the activities rightly deserve an honorable mention here.

Dreamworld Karachi

The event commenced with flag raising ceremony and a giant cake to celebrate the birthday of our country. Stage performances followed one after the other with hooting and patriotic songs that warmed the arena with pure patriotism!

Dream world Karachi

At the mid of the event, members were invited to come up on the stage and sing patriotic songs of their own choice. Aye waten kay sajeela jawano and Aye Rahe Haq K Shaeedon sung by two contestants made crowd roar with emotions of love and passion for their country.

Dream World Karachi

Illusions show has always been the most sought for segment on stage. Our magician Mr. Munawar Khan is known in international magical circles for his original tricks. The cool levitating trick was simply awe inspiring.

Fancy Cars Show was an event in itself! The crowd loved it Every time the cars were pumped on pedals, they made a deafening sound and within no time hundreds of families crowded around to admire while the cars spun, tailed and drifted!

Dream World Karachi

The event concluded with a high note, with a promise each made to one’s own self, that no matter what may come, we will strive to keep the light shining and working towards the country’s prosperity.

Image Source: Dreamworld Karachi

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