The Diverse Karachi – Pakistan

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The city of lights is just not that, it’s way more than what people perceive it as. One sure needs to visit Karachi to know what it truly stands for and is. It’s true that the city never sleeps, you’d take a peek outside the window at 3 in the morning and still would see a couple of cars going by. The recreational happenings are ample enough to make anyone’s stay here worthwhile, you simply can’t experience the entire city in some mere days.

The reason why this town is known for so many things is that of different cultures being infused together in the cuisines, the apparel, traditions, and customs keep on improvising and evolving over the time.

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Who knew 10 years back you’d be having water sports, scuba diving, a gazillion number of restaurants each having their own uniqueness or even diversity courses being taught at schools. The historic and modern mix of shrines, constructions, museums and specially cafés highlighting different cuisines that have an infusion of various cultures feature Karachi distinctively among other regions of the country.

Over the past few years, the technological advancements and the impact it has had on the existing businesses has also created many opportunities that focus towards cultural and regional diversities. The lifestyles have been majorly influenced by the various ethnicity coming together to form a multicultural Karachi.

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You’d see a variety of restaurants popping up these days, so much that almost every other street in Karachi will be a ‘food street’. From Parsi’s to Hindu’s, Christians, Chinese and plenty others you’d find so many cultures coming together, so many traditions involving the Navroze, Eid, Holi, Christmas, Chinese Spring Festival, anything! There will be people celebrating, coming together as one and encouraging other Karachiites to participate. In the recent years, there has been acceptance regarding minorities to express themselves through their traditions.

Even if we consider the political aspect, our nation hasn’t seen much involvement especially from the youngsters having opinions and expressing them online. Social media has a lot of influence and has inspired so many to come forward and share their stories.

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Non-profit organizations have been focusing on minorities that require being sponsored, who deserve the assistance; have the disabled community exploring and executing their talents, making this city better than before. Diversity in the workplace has been gradually gaining more recognition along the years.

Karachi sure is to increase numbers when it comes to the tourism and hospitality industry. Many foreigners choose this city amongst their top locations prior to visiting Pakistan. While also being a densely populated city adding more to its miscellany, you can find anything here! The best part is that it caters to different social groups, you’d find replicas, brands, in cheap or expensive rates and the varieties are endless!

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There’s so much to discover and more importantly, businesses have been enhancing throughout these past 70 years, businesses that may have been foreshadowed previously. Professions have been popping up around the town, there’s a requirement for everything now.

Enjoying the perfect sunset at the Clifton Beach to Admiring the architecture at Frere Hall or Mohatta Palace, or acknowledging the history behind Mazar-e-Quaid or taking a stroll around empress market to shop for some exotic spices, or get basically ANYTHING in or Bohri Bazar, sounds exciting, right? There’s so much more though! Unwind from the daily grind at the Sandspit beach, see some planes and daydream about flying at the PAF Museum, wander around the streets of Saddar and I promise you’d be mesmerized by the abandoned buildings there amidst the busy markets, like I said, “There’s so much more!”.

You’d find a modernized version of the city near the Clifton beach as there are new buildings being constructed one by one, I reckon very soon it’ll be called the new Dubai if anything, Zamzama probably being the Time Square of Karachi, okay that may be too far-fetched but it’s probable, let’s leave that for the future (but the future is here!).

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Recent e-commerce ventures have played a major role in terms of introducing diversity and making locals aware of the differences and encouraging them to embrace change. These ventures persuade to change the traditional frame of mind and challenge conventional logic introducing better things and most importantly convenience!

The city has come a long way throughout these years! It’s easier to make estimates and hope for more, this city deserves all the praise! People tend to think about the negative aspects a lot but in my opinion, there’s so much potential that Karachi has, especially in the Tourism industry.

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