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On the coast of the Arabian Sea, lays the largest metro city of Pakistan, Karachi. It is considered as the largest and most populated metropolitan city of Pakistan, as well as the financial district, with an estimated population of over 23.7 million people. The city is known as “the city of lights,” where no one sleeps because of the ongoing activity at all times of the day and night.

In 1947, when Pakistan was formed Karachi was the capital of Pakistan. In the 60’s the capital city was shifted to Islamabad, as Karachi was extremely populated and the economic hub of the country. Karachi accounts for the largest share of Pakistan’s gross domestic product and generates about 65% of the national revenue. It continues to grow, and in addition to being the host city to most multinational companies, the two largest and busiest ports of the region, Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim, were developed in Karachi.

The busy and energetic feel of this metropolitan city reflects the lives of all those who live here – it is the home to those who enjoy constant activity and noise as there is a lot to do here. Karachi has several tourist attractions which can keep a traveler occupied for days, and people are very hospitable here making all visitors feel welcome.

Jovago’s Top 3:
There are several different attractions to Karachi. From the bustling streets and chaotic jams, to the beach camel rides, Karachi has a lot to offer to keep one busy.

 1 – Beaches



Famous for its beaches, Karachi has multiple located all around the city. At the beaches there are a plethora of things to do, ride a camel or a horse, swim, eat fresh crabs or just sit on the sand and relax. The famous beaches in Karachi are Clifton Beach (heart of the city) and the further away ones, Hawkesbay, Sandspit and French Beach.

2 – Sight-seeing

sight seeing

From Mausolems, to old sites (built prior to partition), Karachi has a lot of sight-seeing spots to offer. Each monumental building has different activities in it to attract tourists. Mohatta Palace, for example, was Fatima Jinnah’s house and is now home to famous artists who display their work in this old heritage.

3 – Crabbing


The port of Kemari offers a unique crabbing experience, which is not available in most countries. Fishermen have boats where they take individuals into the water and they are allowed to catch crabs. Those crabs are then cooked on the boat and served fresh to enhance the experience.

Fun Facts:
Rickshaw and Buses


From overflowing buses to Rickshaw rides, Karachi offers various modes of public transport. Rickshaws and buses are often designed with ‘truck art’ for beautification purposes and the riders get you to places in good time!

Karachi has many restaurants, in fact it eating is one of the top thing Karachittes do. From road side cafes, to five star hotels, to dinner by the sea – Karachi has a lot of eateries to offer all over the city, such as Kolachi, Bundoo Khan (in downtown Karachi) and BBQ tonight.

There are different shopping districts in Karachi. Some outdoor shopping malls where you can get clothes for cheap and other indoor air conditioned malls which sell mostly designer brands, there are options of shopping places available to those visiting.

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Money: Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa ; MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.

Exchange Rate:

Country Code: +9221

Main Airport: Jinnah International Airport





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