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Founded in 1960’s, Islamabad was created to serve as the capital of Pakistan. Karachi’s population was growing and growing and the government wished to make the capital more serene, green and less populated to maintain orderly conduct, therefore Islamabad was created much to our benefit.

A nice quiet atmosphere, famous for “going to sleep at 10pm,” Islamabad shows you another side to Pakistan – one that is completely different to Lahore and Karachi. Islamabad, famous for hosting diplomats and expats, is the city where foreign investors tend to invest. This has caused a growth in the economy, resulting in an increase in employment as well as development.

Islamabad is famous for its parks, eateries, zoos and recreational centers. Although the city shuts down early, that doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do around here. Also, the safety element of the city adds to Islamabad’s positive points – there are minimal robberies and unlike other cities in Pakistan, men and women can walk freely on the roads without any worry.

The relaxed, peaceful and orderly live reflects those who live here – it is the home to many entrepreneurs, backpackers and people who are generally more laid back in life. Islamabad has several tourist attractions which can keep one busy for days. Murree, Nathiagali and other touristy cities are a two hour drive from Islamabad, broadening the options of things to do.

Jovago’s Top 5
It’s hard to pick top 5 things to do in Islamabad as there are many different things to do, but Jovago thinks these are the top 5 must go to places while you are visiting!

1 – Daman-e-Koh / Pir Sohawa
Daman-e-Koh is a viewing point in Islamabad. It is located and the top of a hill, in the middle of the Margalla Hills. There are a few eateries there, and tourists tend to stop here on the way to Por Sohawa which is located at the top of Margalla Hills (even higher than Daman-e-Koh). From Pir Sohawa you have a gorgeous view and can see the whole city of Islamabad. Tourists and locals tend to visit these two places a lot as they are located within the city. Monkeys are a common sight during winter, and people say that Cheetahs descend from the higher hills of Murree during snowfall.

2 – Parks
There are many parks in Islamabad, such as: Fatima Jinnah Park, Lake View Park, Rose & Jasmine Garden, Ankara Park, Japanese Park etc. These parks are all located in quiet and beautiful areas and are famous for their picnics. Some of them have swings and other rides, whereas others have beautiful flowers. Parks are a must go to when in Islamabad. 

3 – Kohsar Market
Kohsar Market is a small commercial area located in Sector F-6. There are many small cafes on the roadside as well as shops here. Kohsar Market is a hanging out hub for many expats as it is considered as the “foreign area” of Islamabad – the restaurants here are also great but just a little pricey.

4 – Rock Climbing / Hiking
There are many rock climbing and hiking areas. Most of these places are located in different areas of Margalla Hills and you are bound to see other rock climbers and hikers during most times of the day!

5 – Mosques and Shrines
Like all of Pakistan’s cities, Islamabad is also the hub to famous mosques and shrines. Shah Faisal Mosque, Golra Sharif and Bari Imaam are the most famous ones and definitely are must visits for their beauty and history.

Hotels: There are many famous guest houses in Islamabad. Many of them are economical than hotels. A range of the many different guest houses and hotels can be found on:
Money: Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa; MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.
Exchange Rate:
Country Code: +9251
Main Airport: Benazir Bhutto International Airport

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