To All the Diabetic Patients: Who said you cannot travel?

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Is having diabetes the only reason why you have been curtailing your dream travel?

If yes, then now is the time to think of some other reason. Rest assured that simply having diabetes is no longer an excuse to not travel to places you have always dreamt of travelling.

So now comes a million dollar question, how do you plan your travel in a way that it doesn’t disrupt your diabetes care routine.

Jovago Pakistan has  prepared a list of top five safety travel tips for all diabetic patients. Have a look below:

1  Make Sure Your Diabetes Supplies Are Handy

Irrespective of whether you are travelling by air or by road, always make sure that you carry all your basic diabetic supplies in your carry-on bags.

Make a small bag keeping all your basic diabetic supplies within your reach, including essentials like insulin and glucometers. Never put these essentials in your checked luggage as it has a risk of being exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures that increase its chances of getting ruined.

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It is always advisable to use a cool pack to keep your insulin cool. Remember to use a cold pack and not a freezer pack as freezing insulin can destroy its efficacy.

2 Remember You Are Off Your Home, Not Your Schedule

It might seem impractical and impossible initially, but it is simply not so! Even when you are out of your home on a voyage, you can still try to stick to your schedule and take all your medications and other supplements on time.

Carry a few extra and healthy snacks for trip in your handbag, especially when you are travelling to a new place. You might need an insulated bag to keep them fresh and edible.

Healthy snacks for diabetes patients

3  Carry All Your Medical Documents While Travelling

Many countries like U.S.A do not allow you to carry medicines without a proper prescription.

It is therefore extremely important that you carry a note from your doctor saying that you have diabetes and that you are required to carry the following medication at all times.

Also keep the translated version of this note in the language of the new country that you are visiting.

4 Always Carry Supplies To Treat Low Glucose

Often travel disrupts your routine eating habits. This increases the chances of dehydration and low glucose instances because the physical

This increases the chances of dehydration and low glucose instances because the physical activities in general increased. Therefore, it is advisable to carry a separate pouch including plenty of glucose tablets – the ones that won’t usually melt, explode or leak in the heat!

5 Keep Checking Your Blood Sugar

Travel can result in fluctuating blood sugar levels. Remember that lack of physical activity can result in elevated blood sugar levels.

On the contrary, prolonged physical activity may drastically lower your glucose level. Therefore, it is always advisable to test your blood sugar before and after every meal.

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Take medical advice from your physician on how to cope up with fluctuating sugar levels during your travel.

If you have any good tips for diabetic patients, do share with us.

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