Amazing Destinations Which Are Perfect For Women Traveling Alone

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What are the most amazing destinations which are perfects for women traveling alone? 


If you Google, you will find plenty of options which might be confusing. There is a simple solution to your question. Ask the one who knows.

Jovago Pakistan asked the same question, “which are most amazing destinations which are perfects for women traveling alonefrom 26 women who are travel lovers

Here is the list created by their opinion.



Aileen Roundup Post With Jovago Pakistan

If there is one destination that I will absolutely vouch for as an amazing place for women who are traveling alone, that would be the Philippines! I say this with no bias at all because after all of my travels for the past years, I do feel that the Philippines is a great place for solo travelers.


I can list out a hundred reasons but here are my top three.

First and foremost, the people. The Filipinos predominantly speak English so you wouldn’t have that much difficulty in navigating yourself from one place to another. Plus, the Filipinos are warm and friendly people. Truth be told, I’ve surely come to realize that the hospitality and service that my fellowmen provide was one-of-a-kind and easily surpasses other countries.

Secondly, the cost of living is also low — most especially the more rural areas — so you’ll definitely get more for your money’s worth, right from your food up to your accommodation and transportation costs. Third, the country is simply beautiful and generally safe that it will totally make you forget that you’re traveling by yourself. If I may so myself, it might just turn out to be your home away from home.

Alice Teacake


Alice Teacake roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

I’m going to say it to you straight: the perfect 7 destinations for you are what you love, what you want to learn and how much you want to push yourself at the point you are at in your life now. Just because you’re a woman, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do something or go somewhere. Yes, it may be a little harder but don’t write it off before you’ve even tried.

I believe in ‘challenging travel’ to live, learn and grow. My destinations might now be your choice but I’ve found traveling to Taiwan, Cambodia, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and driving across 10,000 miles on the Mongol Rally highly rewarding.

I like to push my boundaries through adventure to reach my full potential so I try to head out to places others may not consider. Doing it solo personally makes it ten times better for me, so I can see what I’m truly capable of. Go out there and live girl!’

Alyssa Ramos


Alyssa Ramos Roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

As a woman who has been to over twenty countries alone, I have a lot of insight and opinions on what makes a place good for solo female travel or not.

It’s a tough category to judge because you really need to factor in cultural and religious customs, as well as behavior of other tourists in the area as well (judgy tourists are what led to my viral Huffington Post article, Yes, I’m Pretty and I’m Traveling Alone)

Typically I recommend Iceland as the ideal destination for solo female travel, especially for first timers, because the country is just so beautiful and nature-based, that it’s easy to explore on your own without much interruption or concern about other people or safety.

But, after a recent solo trip to Japan, a place with tons of people that may seem intimidating, I decided it was definitely at the top of my list of places I’d recommend for solo female travel; due to its nice, respectful, and helpful people, its tourism board’s attentiveness to visitor’s comfort and safety, and most impressively, the available options of women-only transportation (I took a ladies-only overnight bus there), and women-only accommodations!



Anna roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

Reykjavik, Iceland is one of the safest places to travel alone in the world.

I didn’t make it up – it’s actually ranked as a global safe spot. Icelanders are incredibly nice and helpful, so even if you’re lost or need anything you won’t have to stress about it. Moreover, everyone speaks perfect English in Iceland what makes it one of the focal points of tourism. As a result, Iceland receives many solo travelers, so you won’t have to worry about not making new friends.

There are many things to do in town and around and the natural beauty of the country steals the show. Hot pools, magical waterfalls, colorful mountains and glaciers – just to name a few! It’s hard to experience living a lifetime without experiencing Iceland.



Annemarie rounduppost with Jovago Pakistan

Solo traveling is not as difficult, dangerous or lonely as most people expect. It’s actually really amazing and a great way to get to know another country, culture and oneself on a deeper level. I definitely recommend it! To give you an easy start into solo adventures, I say you should consider the following countries.

  1. New Zealand. Not for nothing is the land of Middle Earth, ehem, New Zealand considered a backpacker’s paradise. It’s easy to get around (by bus or rented minivan), there are travelers everywhere (try hostels) and the people are unbelievably friendly.
  2. At first overwhelming and confusing with its many unwritten codes of conduct (wait, how much do I have to bow now?), it still is very hospitable and easy to navigate. Except maybe for Tokyo. On top of that, it’s safe and clean.
  3. South Korea. Similar to Japan yet different, Korea is a great place to explore. Even Seoul alone has so much to offer and it’s quite safe to walk around alone. The food is great, the music is fantastic and the vibe modern yet quirky.
  4. The “big brother” of New Zealand is in no way less a backpacker and solo traveler paradise. You just have to watch out a little more for deadly animals in the wild (or Sydney backyards) but otherwise, you’ll be fine.



Annette White roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

Almost every destination can be perfect for solo female travel, but I do have a few favorites and all for different reasons.

In the city of Chiang Mai it is easy to find some expats to have a drink or dinner with, plus joining tours is fairly inexpensive and easy.

Florence is a walkable city that has so much to do that you’d never get bored alone. Besides, who needs a travel companion when there is gelato? It’s easy to get fabulously lost amongst the bustling streets of San Francisco and sitting solo at Marin Headlands with the perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge can be a perfect time for self-reflection.

With The Tube, London makes solo travel simple because you can zip around the city easily and safely, plus you don’t have to worry about any language barriers. You will immediately feel relaxed when you go to Maui, the locals are chill and there’s nothing wrong with lying on the beach all day with a fruity cocktail and a good book.

Zurich is one of my favorite cities to stroll around solo. There are no words needed when you are enjoying the architecture in the Old Town and eating chestnuts from the street vendors.

Becky Moore


Becky Moore

I traveled solo around New Zealand’s South Island and would recommend this as a wonderful destination for a solo female traveler. When

When traveling alone, safety can be the main concern and I always felt safe travelling around New Zealand, with great coach travel systems set up it’s also very easy to travel around, the people are very friendly and the scenery is just incredible too!



Candice Walsh roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

There haven’t been too many places where I felt unsafe traveling alone as a woman, but Italy was especially easy for me. It’s true that Italian men can be a little assertive, but it’s such a busy country, I found myself constantly in the company of others. Most people spoke English, and the public transit systems were safe and wonderfully efficient. I found Italians generally very willing to help me find my way if I were lost, etc.

Christine Kaaloa


Christine Ka'aloa roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

Thailand is always one of my recommendations for newbie solo travelers.

Why do I recommend Thailand?

Let me count the ways.  Where else can you get an inexpensive massage, see giant gold Buddhas, visit floating markets and eat delicious food? Thailand is fantastic budget friendly destination with endless things to experience, a relaxed and warm environment and Thai hospitality is unbeatable!  The tourism infrastructure in Thailand is strong, so getting around independently or taking budget day tours from sightseeing, mountain trekking or scuba diving come with ease and discounted prices, which will spoil you.

Largely Buddhist, the country is relatively safe with minor (mostly non-violent) crimes and scams against travelers. Not to mention, with the ongoing throng of backpackers traveling through Southeast Asia, it’s easy for solo travelers to pick up friends to share activities with.

Danielle Ditzian


Danielle Ditzian roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

  1. Mancora, Peru: Not only is this a stunning beach town in northern Peru, but you simply can’t escape without having made some new friends. I worked for a couple months as a bartender at The Point hostel; between the raging nighttime parties and the days spent lazing in hammocks with your fellow travelers, this is the place to make new lifelong friends.
  2. South Island, New Zealand: Feel like making new pals? Check in to one of the many hostels (I swear, they’re everywhere!) Or, if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, in New Zealand it is completely socially acceptable to hitchhike. Try your luck and meet some characters along the way!
  3. Isle of Skye, Scotland: Okay, you got me; I’m a solo female hitchhiker, so you may hear me recommend it more than once! This was my favorite way of making new friends in Scotland, but sometimes a solo traveler wants just that – to be solo. With Scotland’s law that allows wild camping, the world is your oyster. Go find a pretty secluded spot and have that much-needed solo time!
  4. Tallinn, Estonia: This is just a cool city to begin with, skyscrapers contrasting the cobble streets. If you’ve ever wanted to explore an abandoned soviet era prison, here’s your chance. The main square in the old town frequently has events and the free concert that was on while I was there bought me several new pals!
  5. Iceland: Ah, Iceland. The expensive land that secretly isn’t so expensive… If you do it right. Once again we’ve got easy hitchhiking to make new pals, paired with wild camping to give you some much needed you time. I’m counting down the days til my return.
  6. Victoria, Canada: The place itself is an adorable little city, the downtown sitting at the beautiful inner harbor. But what makes it so awesome? There’s a hostel called Ocean Island, which has a bar in it. Even those who aren’t traveling go there just to thrive off the energy in the place. Impossible to leave here without new partners in crime and a head load of different adventure ideas.
  7. Zipolite, Mexico: I save the best for last. This little town is almost entirely on the beach. As for the beach? It’s clothing optional. You’d be amazed at how much more relaxed it feels to chat with people when everything is already out there on display!

Helen Suk


Helen Suk roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

I’ve visited many countries independently and would recommend these destinations for women who want to make their foray into solo travel:

  1. The Galapagos Islands: Not only is the wildlife in this unique archipelago highly protected, so too is its society which has minimal crime. Many residents even leave their doors unlocked, in contrast to major cities on mainland Ecuador.
  2. Japan: No matter where I went in this country, not once did I feel unsafe, anxious or intimidated. This a polite, law-abiding society.
  3. Ireland: Could a country be any friendlier? A lot of beer and whisky may be consumed here, but it’s all part of the jovial atmosphere. This is where I hitchhiked for the first (and only) time.
  4. Tofino: Not only is this Canadian town on the west coast stunningly beautiful, I was received with such warmth that I immediately felt like one of the locals.
  5. Bali: This mostly Hindu island in Indonesia is highly spiritual and calming. Culturally, Balinese life revolves around worship, family and community.
  6. Chiang Mai: Violent crime is uncommon in Chiang Mai, despite being the second largest city in Thailand. I lived here for three months and often walked the streets at night alone.



Jannet Newenham roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

I think Vietnam is one of the best places in the world for solo female travelers.

It is very firmly on the backpacker trail in Southeast Asia which means there are always a lot of other backpackers around to make friends with. I felt very safe when traveling there, and was totally blown away by the friendliness of the Vietnamese people.

Vietnam is also home so some of the best party hostel and party cruises in the world – the perfect places for mingling with other travelers and making instant friends. Be it trekking up in Sapa, taking a cruise around Halong Bay or renting bikes and riding the Hai Van Pass in Central Vietnam – you will never truly be alone. I love Vietnam so much I have been back twice and already know I’ll be returning again in the future.



Janice roundup post with Jovago Pakistan a

There are so many destinations that are perfect for women traveling solo. At the top of my list would be the United Kingdom because it offers the glamor and culture of London, the pleasure of meeting locals in small towns and the chance to take long, relaxing walks away from the bustle of life across country and along the coasts.

But the, I’d also recommend Nashville for a fabulous music scene, Ireland for friendly people and beautiful landscapes, Chile for hiking in Patagonia and Sydney for one of the most beautiful major cities in the world.



Kiersten roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

For me, there are many factors that make a destination perfect for solo travel. First, the ease of getting around on your own is a big one- it is important to look at whether there is a good transportation system or it’s easily walkable. In my experience, destinations like Stockholm, Amsterdam, Dubai and London are amazing for solo travel for that reason.

Secondly, safety is very important to look at when traveling solo, and it’s always a good sign when a destination is known for having friendly locals. I’d add Reykjavik, Vancouver and Melbourne to the list, as they have some of the friendliest locals I’ve ever met. You never know when you may need some directions or a helping hand!



Kristen Sarah roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

India – They say if you can travel in India, you can travel anywhere.

I say that if you can travel in India, you’re very lucky. I spent 6 months in this magical country (4 of which I traveled alone), and it has played a huge part in shaping the person I am today. Never once did I feel in danger or that I thought I needed to be with a partner or group.

Instead, I had locals looking out for me and wanted to take care of me. Of course, you want to use common sense and follow your gut like you would anywhere in the world. Also, always let friends and family know where you are and where you’re going next.

It’s hard to put into words how incredible India is. It radiates a certain energy that you don’t feel anywhere else. It stimulates all of your senses at once…all of the time. It’s colorful, flavorful and spiritual. It has the power to transform you into the best version of yourself if you allow it; to awaken your soul in a way you never knew was possible.

If you’re looking for an intense cultural experience or an opportunity to know yourself like you’ve never know yourself before, traveling solo in India can be one of the best experiences of your life. At least it was for me, and many other travelers I know.

Kristin Luna


Kristin Luna Jovago Pakistan

Since first living in Scotland in 2003, it has become, to me, the most magical place on the planet.

It’s deep-rooted in history, it boasts a mix of greenery and architectural marvels in Edinburgh, it’s got a lively pub cultures, and it’s full of stretches of dramatic coastline. In my opinion, Scotland offers something for everybody. It also emanates this unique sense of feeling safe, no matter where you go—it could be the small population of the country, the remote nature or the fact that the Scots are among the friendliest people on the planet.

I wouldn’t think twice about another solo train journey around Scotland, hitting up all the highlights: Glencoe and the Highlands, the Isle of Skye, Inverness, Aviemore and the Cairngorms, Edinburgh and the coastal gem, St. Andrews.

Kristin Addis


Kristin Addis roundup post with Jovago Pakistan


My favorite places for solo travel are usually diving places or hiking areas. They tend to draw in other solo travelers as well and it’s easier to meet people. Some great dive areas include Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, and Komodo National Park in Indonesia, or Caye Caulker in Belize.

I also really loved Sipadan in Malaysian Borneo. Some great hiking areas where I’ve met cool other people were El Chalten and Torres del Paine, both of which are in Patagonia, and in Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal, both of which attract hikers interested in checking out the Himalayas. I’ve had great experiences in all of those places with meeting others and traveling solo.



Lash roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

I recommend the following destinations to solo female travelers because they are safe, easy to travel around and offer amazing culture, art & nature.

Singapore – It’s a fascinating, multicultural, modern city-state full of amazing architecture, interesting neighborhoods, lush parks, delicious food and many events, festivals & entertainment options. Singapore is extremely clean, well-organized and safe. Nearly everyone speaks English.

Malaysia – This primarily Muslim country has become a very popular travel destination for visitors from other Muslim countries. Seraus (Muslim prayer rooms) are available in most public places and every city & town has at least one mosque, which makes Muslim prayer rituals easy for visitors.

Malaysia is a fascinating tropical country with large populations of Malay, Chinese & Indian Malaysians. It offers a huge diversity of cuisines, cultural festivals, history, architecture and destinations. Chose from the modern city of Kuala Lumpur to quaint historic towns like Penang & Melaka to tropical islands and national parks.

Bali, Indonesia – Bali is Indonesia’s primary international tourist destination. The lush volcanic island has gorgeous beaches, stunning terraced rice fields, lush forests, beautiful coral reefs, and amazing volcanoes.

The Hindu Balinese are gifted artists in wood & stone carving, painting, statuary, woven fabrics, batiks, architecture and landscape gardening. Religious rituals are part of daily life, so visitors will be surrounded by fascinating Hindu culture plus natural beauty and amazing art.

Leah Davis


Leah roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

Of all of the places I’ve traveled solo, these cities were among my favorites: San Francisco, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Kuala Lumpur, and Warsaw.  All pretty major cities, yes, but as a digital nomad, it’s important for me to stay connected on the road.  I also felt perfectly safe in each of these places, had no trouble meeting great people, and was able to navigate the city with ease!



Lisa roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

It’s probably not on your bucket list but it definitely should be. Home to the Sound of Music, classical concerts and stunning architecture, Austria is simply gorgeous and perfect for women traveling solo.

Not only is it easy to travel around with a great train system but it is incredibly safe and you’ll never find yourself short on things to see or do with tons of galleries and museums to while away the hours.

Austria a country which oozes class and charm and is one for cultures vultures. Whether you prefer palaces, medieval cities, or want to get adventurous in the Alps. I love this European country which is perfect for visiting during all year round.

 Melissa Douglas


Melissa Douglas roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

I have been traveling solo for the past five years and for the most part, have felt safe wherever I have been; I think that basic common sense, an awareness of your surroundings and good preparation can help a Woman to feel safe wherever she travels.

South East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos) and Australia make the perfect destination for a first trip to build confidence as a solo female. The paths are so well trodden that you are certain to meet other like-minded travelers, in addition to the fact that the locals are accustomed to tourism.

People are often daunted by the prospect of going it alone but there are so many people that do it, you are seldom ever alone on the road.

My personal favorite destinations thus far have been East Asian countries – South Korea and Japan. The people are extremely polite and respectful by nature. You only have to look lost and somebody would materialize to try and assist you.

Sabina Trojanova


Sabina Trojanova roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

I don’t really believe in cherry-picking destinations for solo female travelers.

Are some countries more dangerous for women than they are for men?

Yes – probably all of them. But talking about female-friendly destinations can sometimes bring unnecessary fear into the equation. Having said that, I can of course appreciate first-time solo travelers’ concerns and here are the seven countries I would recommend… Iceland, Scotland, Czech Republic, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland and Finland.

You’ll always be able to find someone who speaks English, which makes getting around less daunting. They’re also beautiful, safe and clean.

Shannon O’Donnell


Shannon O'Donnell roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

While most of the world is travelable for women, there are a few places that stand out for their ease of travel and make them ideal for new travelers and solo women.

Southeast Asia is among my favorite places to go because there is a good tourism infrastructure in the region, it’s a safe area, and the culture is warm and welcoming to all travelers, including women. Laos and Myanmar stand out as among my two favorites in that area, and with the number of backpackers in the region it was easy to meet new friends and have travel companions whenever I wanted them!

Many backpackers start in Thailand then do a circuit of the region, and I highly recommend a similar path if you have a couple of months to land in the region and explore.



Simon Falvo roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

Japan: One of the safest countries in the world, where people are friendly and happy to help. Since the role of women in the Japanese society is quite different from the one in Western countries, people often feel curious toward a woman traveling alone.
Switzerland: Organized and safe, no one in Switzerland would ever notice a woman traveling alone. It’s just normal. The extensive network of public transport makes it easy to go almost everywhere without having to rent a car.
New Zealand: Another very safe country, where people are easy going and among the friendliest I ever met. There are many women traveling solo in New Zealand, and making friends along the way is very easy.
Burma: Apart from a very little risk of petty trickery, the country is very welcoming to women traveling alone and the people in Myanmar are smiling, kind and curious.
Cuba: Tourism is so important for the Caribbean island that women traveling on their own are perfectly safe and will feel at easy with the joyful atmosphere at every corner.
Scandinavia: This area of northern Europe has been at the forefront of women’s freedom and rights, long before other European countries. Scandinavia is very safe and friendly for women traveling alone, and certainly one of the easiest areas in the world.
Italy: Being Italian, you might think I’m partial. However, a lot changed over the last 10-15 years and women traveling alone are not seen anymore as “strange” or, worse,”easy girls”. Italy is a welcoming country, and apart from the normal “common sense” precautions to avoid bad surprises (which can happen also to men, or couples), women can visit the country on their own, and they should, because Italy is a wonderful country.

Vicky FlipFlop roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

“I’d recommend the Philippines as one of the best places to travel alone. It’s such a friendly country – the locals are genuine when they smile at you. English is one of the official languages which of course makes it easy to make friends and have conversations. After six months of traveling Asia with no local language that definitely felt good!

Party places like Siargao and Boracay are great for meeting other backpackers, while the quieter towns like Bohol and Coron offer the perfect opportunity to get to know the locals too.



Yulia roundup post with Jovago Pakistan

My first solo travel happened to be in Australia, which was my dream destination for a long time. Unfortunately, nobody could join, so I had to go alone. To say I was terrified is to say nothing. Before the trip I was more concerned about being lonely than being unsafe. But that problem was solved quickly after I decided it is time to go out of my comfort zone and start conversations with people around me.

It turned out one of the most fun trips ever, I met amazing people that I surely would not get to know if I would be traveling with friends. These are other destinations that I consider great for solo female travelers because there are safe and inspiring for more traveling:

France: for its food and culture,

Sweden: for its men 😉

Iceland: for amazing sceneries,

Singapore: for the futuristic urban magic,

Italy: should I even explain? 🙂

Croatia: for amazing coast line and the Plitvice National Park.

These are the suggested destination from female travel bloggers from around the world. If you have any suggestion, do share with Jovago Pakistan by commenting below.

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