Nathia Gali- Heaven on Earth

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Nathia Gali is a mountain resort town, located in Hazara, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is around a one hour drive from both, Murree and Abbottabad and is one of the several hill stations.

Trekkers love to go to Nathia Gali, because of its lush green meadows, deep forest, alpine lines and snow fall. It is densely populated with cedar, oak, maple and walnut trees. From May to August a large number of tourists and honeymooners visit Nathia Gali to enjoy its beauty in the sizzling summer.


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Dunga Gali pine lines

Dunga Gali pine lines

Dunga Gali track (famed as Mukshpuri track) is a pine lined track. Located at the base of Mukshpuri Peak; 3 km before Nathia Gali. It is one of the world’s beautiful tracks that lead tourists from Dunga Gali to Ayubia. Those who are adventurous can take a longer trek to climb the top of Mukshpuri.


green spot

Green spot:

Green spot is a mountainous hill top scene, located a little furtherer up from Nathia Gali bazaar. It is an amusement spot that falls under the reserved territory of Pakistan Air force, but it is open for tourism.  It gives you a magnificent view of Nathia Gali and neighboring area especially from Summer Retreat Hotel roof top!


Miranjani trekking

Miranjani trekking:

Miranjani trekking peak is located four hours away from Nathia Gali. It is the highest peak of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. There are various routes to get here, one being a steep track from Nathia Gali and the other route starts from the Governor’s House. While at Miranjani one can takes many short strolls through the pine forests in Ayubia National Park.



Most of the restaurants in Nathia Gali are located on the streets of the main bazaar. These restaurants serve delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and place heavy emphasis on evening tea. Besides Pashtoon cuisine, they offer Desi Pakistani food, Bar-B-Q, Chinese and Continental Food. Eating out in the open green fields with the mountain views in sight will be the highlight of your eating experiences in Nathia Gali.

The Main bazaar of Nathia Gali is also the shopping hub. The street is full of colorful shops where you can buy handicrafts, clothes and many other items.

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Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard) are accepted in the ATM.

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Benazir Bhutto International Airport, which is approximately a 3-4 hour drive to Nathia Gali


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